[ESX/QB] K_FRAUD out now! | Bank Fraud | Check Forgery

“You want to make some extra cash?”

well with this script will bring that quote to life in your sever!

Working Laptop/Printer
Buyable Bankcards
Police alerts
Timers and Cooldowns!
Sellable Fraud Checks!

V2 Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4VVJb3C2z0
V1 Showcase: K_FRAUD - YouTube

Tebex Link Buy Here

[QB] K_Fraud Version


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Code is accessible No (FiveM Escrow Used)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1300+
Requirements QB or ESX + The List on TEBEX
Support Yes (PM & Discord)

how do i change the laptop item name?

Just about to push an update for that reason


Just updated now able to edit all items

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can you add a fake id that if you have it it reduces chances of cops being called
and i opened a ticket can you send me the exports for when you have all items then use


last thing can you make it take the laptop and then when you pick it up it gives it back because i can give my laptop to a friend but its still on the floor i would do this on my own but its encryted

I just got the script and it’s telling me I lack the required entitlement to use k_fraud


Please restart your server, sometimes it doesn’t sync if you don’t


resmon & also how did u buy the fuel can? Does that mean u can use the stolen bank card & it has an unlimited amount of $ in it?

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resmon can climb to about 0.05-0.06 with everything nearby
blanks get took from the player afterwards/theres a random chance for the atm to eat the card and give no money

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i brought this didnt know dosent supprt esx legacy

Is this true still?

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i just got this for qbcore… the images all needed to be resized to 100x100 for qb inventory to pick them up.

only thing not working for me currently …
Datacrack game : pressed every button nothing registers
ATMS no working

i restarted mine 3 times and it saying same

I just got the script and it’s telling me I lack the required entitlement to use k_fraud

Your server must be restarted at least once and the server license key must be from the same account as you bought the script on, this is all on the tebex please have a read


Now supports Legacy :+1:


I have added support for Legacy K_FRAUDV2 OX/Placement Update! | ESX Update | QB Soon | FiveM Fraud Script - YouTube


This script supports the chezza inventory v4 and bt-target?

When I press enter on the laptop it’s not taking the info usb