Esx mafia, biker, cartel, gangjob

I share what I have.
esx-mafia.rar (56.3 KB) (42.2 KB) (42.1 KB)
esx_bikerjob.rar (40.3 KB)

Change the coordinates on config.lua if you want to change the location of the gang.


Can you provide some pictures and more on what these scripts do?


They are esx_policejob just changed for different roles. Expect the same features just copy/pasta and modified slightly. Took a look at the configs and was like… Policejob.


it’s like the jobs wl but it’s only for the gangs

So you took someone else’s work and made some edits then released them. Shouldn’t you give credit to the person that did all the hard work creating the policejob? Or even ask them if it’s ok to repost their work in the edited form?


I’ve done it for my fire department, coast guard, and beach patrol jobs :slight_smile:
I just don’t post them anywhere because I can’t get ahold of the original person that made the police job to get permission.

This scripts… oh god.


So do I, my only goal i’ts to share whit Fivem Friends. I don t want some congratulations


my F6 menu dont work for the esx_gangjob


I don’t look for congrats, I just like to share with everyone. I found my scripts here when I started out, so I like to give back when I can.

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where is the biker on the map?

close to the taxi station

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where is the mafia and the gang job locations?

check the script

yes, but how can i tp to coords?

in chat /tp 143.36 363.53 4753.754 for exemple

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nice thank you very much

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All gang kan take out weapond, how i do so them can buy weapond and have weapons in armory

This is not my screenshot, I mean i want this

Could you make a copy of the mechanical work that includes crafting? for mafia …

I will do it soon so far I working for secret laboratory for the drogs

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