[ESX] LRP-Moteros [Optimizado]



The video explains how the script works

  • Requirements

1. https://forum.cfx.re/t/dev-resource-mythic-notifications/587071

2. https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-progress-bars-1-0-standalone/526287

3. https://forum.cfx.re/t/inventoryhud-shops


First install the “esx_inventoryhud” with store for functions, so they can steal.


1. https://forum.cfx.re/t/esx-mafia-biker-cartel-gangjob/87914

A community stole our work over half a year of programming, the community is called DoblevidaRP, which is why we will be throwing things in the course of days.


looks interesting

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thats a nice inventory design, any plan on releasing that?

hello, could you tell me the name of the door and the coordinates at the entrance? Nice script like everyone else
by the way I saw nothing using the progressbar

For now we do not intend to launch it. Thanks the same for the interest.

This is the code, added in the doors script:

        objName = 'v_ilev_lostdoor',
        objYaw = 44.0,
        objCoords  = vector3(981.54, -102.51 , 74.85), 
        textCoords = vector3(981.54, -102.51 , 74.85), 
        authorizedJobs = { 'police','ambulance','moteros'},
        locked = true

        objName = 'v_ilev_losttoiletdoor',
        objYaw = 135.0,
        objCoords  = vector3(985.06, -94.63 , 74.85), 
        textCoords = vector3(985.06, -94.63 , 74.85), 
        authorizedJobs = { 'police','ambulance','moteros'},
        locked = true

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thanks! you’re the best

Hi, how can I put the armory and wardrobe to work from jobsgrade?

Hello… " with store for functions, so they can steal"
how to do that ? because i cant steal weapon

If you want to implement it, look at the original link that is added there, we in the script removed those lines because we want people to create their own style and weapons will be with another system.

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Can you show me the error you get in the console ?

You can also look at this link that I am going to leave you to fix possible inventoryhud bugs.


its esx_inventoryhud

doesnt look like it, also esx_inventoryhud doesnt support multiple guns of the same type and or 2 stacks of the same item, the inventory they have seems to support that.

What made you come to that conclusion? They are holding all different guns, its defo a css modified version of esx_inventoryhud

they have another video that shows what i just said above.

It does not admit two equal weapons in the inventory, what we did was remove the same type of weapon when stealing it.

cant access employee list

Could you modify the script for idiots like me who don’t have hud_ inventory?