[esx] ls custom + benny's

It’s on my server since August so I thought releasing it now would be nice :smiley:

You can follow my work here:


Perfect!! Thanks for Sharing!

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Wow! the server players are grateful for sharing.

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Everything seems to be free?
Thanks so much for this amazing share.

Thank you!

You need other ESX scripts to get the prices.

Can you let me know which ones?
I’m using ESX for everything else.

Probably vehicleshop

There is a bug.

if someone opens a different menu when selecting some part of tuning, he will get this part for free.

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Does this have repair option?

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is there any way to make this for VRP

No ofc not.


Mecanojob has the repair option already.


I don’t know how to correct it yet.

You can block the keys that are opening your menus while I find a proper solution…

I’m looking for something like this https://github.com/Lokiro67/FiveM-Script/tree/master/es_carfix (not mine) but it seems to be not working

well, as i said: esx_mecanojob

You can only change one wheel on motorcycles for some reason.

yep, i’ve noticed that but dunno how to fix it xD

Just tried it and bennys motorworks isn’t there just regular customs however all those customs have benny options like interior etc but it dosen’t show up for any supported car I tried adding hydraulics for buccaneer or modify interior but only option is “default” which as I understand means there is no modifications like that for car but there should be as buccaneer is car that supports bennys stuff

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Benny’s options are listed if the car supports it.

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In gtao you take the buccaneer to Benny’s and pay for the upgrade. This turns the buccaneer in model buccaneer2. This upgrade feature is not part of fivem or any script. In order to use Benny’s features you need to use the correct model. Buccaneer2, faction2, faction3, etc. The voodoo is different however the Benny’s model is not voodoo2 but just voodoo.