[ESX Legacy] ESX Multicharacter

These are the errors I am getting now.

[ script:mysql-async] [MariaDB:10.3.29-MariaDB-0+deb10u1-log] [WARNING] [esx_multicharacter] [215ms] SELECT TABLE_NAME, COLUMN_NAME, CHARACTER_MAXIMUM_LENGTH FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA = ? AND (COLUMN_NAME = ? OR COLUMN_NAME = ?) : [“zap557671-1”,“identifier”,“owner”]

[script:esx_multichar] SCRIPT ERROR: @esx_multicharacter/server/main.lua:84: table index is nil

[script:esx_multichar] > ref (@esx_multicharacter/server/main.lua:84)

[script:esx_multichar] > <unknown> (@mysql-async/mysql-async.js:15543)

Line 84 isn’t a table so you might need to check everything is updated properly :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I just completely deleted it and downloaded the latest version and installed that.

I set Config.Relog to false.

Still getting the same issue
[script:esx_multichar] SCRIPT ERROR: @esx_multicharacter/server/main.lua:84: table index is nil

Yeah it makes no sense.

I have had to remove it for now, spent a few hours trying to figure it out. Hopefully can get it sorted though. Cheers for trying to help.

Does this allow players to use “Last location” when they spawn?

There is no spawn selection. it automatically puts a player in its last location

i had this problem go into your database and go to users table and change the varchar to 55 or higher

Yeah I had already done that, They were all set to 60.

Anyway, I ended up starting my server from scratch. Had some other bugs anyway. Mostly working now, when players want to delete their character the game freezes. So I just removed the option so they cant delete their character and all is good.

well that doesnt really help me cause i want people to be able to delete there characters if they want

The game doesn’t freeze, it waits for the character to delete. If it isn’t deleting, there should be a message about it.

I’m not too worried about it. It froze for someone who deleted their character, so then I deleted one of my characters and my game froze up too. No way to get out of it without stopping the script or relogging. I have probably gone wrong somewhere with the setup, but I am just glad I no longer get the Connection rejected. A player is already connected to this server with this Identifier. error. If I need to delete a character I can do that through the database. So all is good.

why is it when someone new joins the server they create there character and there skin menu goes away and freezes them stairing into space

I have a Problem because every time you wanna create a char you shortly see the skinchanger menu and then it goes away and you freeze and must reconnect

To all of you having skinchanger / esx_skin issues, you’re clearly doing something wrong. This is designed for Legacy and uses the versions of those resources included in the Legacy repo.

i have this version all correctly installed to my my issue to fix was nui doorlock script

Did you find a fix for this issue?


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