[ESX] Kypo-Drug-Effect | Usable Drugs | Drug Effects

This is just a simple Esx script that makes drugs work with effects each drug has its own effect and can be easily modified works with Mythic_notify (if u dont want it just delete the notify part in client.lua) also it has Screen effect overlays and player speed adjustment the drug/effect list is below

Video Showcase

Drugs and Effects
Weed: Give Health Boost +Gives Half Armour!
Coke: Gives Speed Boost!
Meth: Full Health + Full Armour!
Heroin: Lowers health to half + Full Armour!
LSD/LSA: Heals you to full!

All effects last for 100 seconds

Screen shots

Link to download!

Post some feedback about anything or anything u find wrong with the script and ill respond to it


Bad idea with teleportation, you can run away from the cops

teleportation? oh if u mean in the video thats just jump cuts i just edited out parts of no useful info

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well, it’s clear, it seemed that the player teleported.

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its only a cut in the video bro

I already have those drugs in the game, I am wondering how easy would it to me to have these effects triggered by different items, like 5 new designer drugs. It is giving me crazy ideas

for instance i see in the server lua: ```ESX.RegisterUsableItem(‘coke’, function(source)

    local _source = source
local xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(_source)
xPlayer.removeInventoryItem('coke', 1)

TriggerClientEvent('kypo-drug-effect:onCoke', source)


i could just replace coke with bread (or what ever even a new item “coke2”)

would i need to change anything with the client side? or is this server/lua edit all i would need to do? what would be amazing if there was a config file for it. lots of people use the esx_drugeffects already.

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Do you plan on releasing that inventory?

You would copy paste one of the segments from server.lua and rename the “item” name coke to bread as u said and rename the kypo-drug-effect:onCoke to kypo-drug-effect:onBread or something and go to client.lua and copy past one of the effect segments and rename the net events and register events to ur new one :slight_smile:

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ESX.RegisterUsableItem('bread', function(source)
    local _source = source
local xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(_source)
xPlayer.removeInventoryItem('bread', 1)

TriggerClientEvent('kypo-drug-effect:onBread', source)


AddEventHandler('kypo-drug-effect:onBread', function()
  local playerPed = GetPlayerPed(-1)
  local playerPed = PlayerPedId()
    RequestAnimSet("[email protected]") 
    while not HasAnimSetLoaded("[email protected]") do
    exports['mythic_notify']:DoHudText('success', 'You took some LSA!')
    TaskStartScenarioInPlace(playerPed, "WORLD_HUMAN_SMOKING_POT", 0, 1)
    SetPedMotionBlur(playerPed, true)
    SetPedMovementClipset(playerPed, "[email protected]", true)
    SetPedIsDrunk(playerPed, true)
    AnimpostfxPlay("Rampage", 10000001, true)
    ShakeGameplayCam("DRUNK_SHAKE", 1.5)
    SetEntityHealth(GetPlayerPed(-1), 200)
--Time of effect
--  after wait stop all effects
    SetPedIsDrunk(GetPlayerPed(-1), false)		
    SetPedMotionBlur(playerPed, false)
    ShakeGameplayCam("DRUNK_SHAKE", 0.0)

hope this helps answer your question

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ok looks like we are on the same page. do i have to mess with anything in the client.lua?

Im not unfortunately.

Ah, Unfortunate looked cool!

crap made a typo in the example the 2nd part of it is the client.lua

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ok thanks again, so bread and onbread edit in the server , and onbread edit in the client, ok thats awesome

THIS works amazing!! was easy to modify

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Look in the description of the drugs. Nowhere does it say teleportation, you invented that yourself, lol.

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wydm jumping? like ur character jumping or…

I like this release man! Now I can have double the effect, If you know what that means you know what that means :wink:


Ok ok

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