[ESX, EXM] Esx_RufiCarKeys. Give your keys, Park quit not owned vehicles, lockpick system and more!

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UPDATE 31/03

  • Added Config.GiveKeyAndVehicleOwnership option If TRUE vehicle ownership will be gived too when use the give key ownership option.

Hey I bought yesterday your CarKeys Script. I have a custom “vehicleshop” from another Scripter (standalone not esx version) and I would like to config that this is matched up with my vehicleshop. What must i need to change? Thanks in advice

Hi! you need to trigger the ‘RegisterPlate’ event on the spawnvehicle function of your vehicleshop.

Remember to retrieve the vehicle plate and vehiclemodel correctly to make it works.

If you need help to modify your vehicleshop, join to my Discord and open a ticket so i can help you to do it.

Link for my discord is on my tebex store (I can not post link here)

Hey first of all thanks for the super fast answer! The “RegisterPlate” event is that one that you written in your Script Information right?

Yes, this: TriggerServerEvent(‘RufiCarkey:RegisterPlate’, plate, vehicleModel)

in my vechicleshop scripts there are a lot of “spawnedvehicles” events what must i need to change?

Change only the ‘buyvehicle’ option.

the normal esx advancedgarage says it requires esx advancedvehicleshop to work. Is that dependency taken out of the included advancedgarage resources/s? or how is that handled in the advanced garage script?

Thanks, awesome work!

No, you need esx_vehicleshop for normal advancedgarage or use other vehicleshop that works with it.

You can join to my discord (Link in my tebex store) and open a ticket and i can help you better.

UPDATE 15/04

  • Added ‘Config.RobNPCVehicles’ if FALSE the playes cannot rob NPC occupied vehicle.

  • Added ‘Config.BypassedJobVehicles’ to bypass specific vehicles for specific jobs.

  • Added ‘/registerkey’ command. Trigger the command from inside your owned vehicle and it gives you the original key of the vehicle.

  • Improved vehicle detection, now you can lock/unlock 100% vehicles including helicopters too.

  • Added ‘Config.AllowLockFromInside’ If TRUE players can lock/unlock vehicles from inside.

UPDATE 18/04

  • Added option to remove the key from yourself, you can remove key copy also.

  • Fixed engine not start properly in planes.

UPDATE 20/04

  • Added a rename key option.

so i purchased the script but I am not seeing the discord link on tebex anywhere


In the bottom of all my script in tebex, there is the discord link.

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