[ESX] esx_tk_jail - Prison Escape, 5 Prison Jobs & More

Update 1.2.7

  • Unjail webhook will now also display the player who unjailed the prisoner

Update 1.3.0

  • Fixed jailbreak items not being given to player upon completing prison tasks

Update 1.5.0

  • You can now set yourself a home cell
  • In your home cell, you have a personal stash where you can store your items and they will always stay there
  • New item Jail cigarette that is used to purchase different items from a NPC inside the jail
    • You can get jail cigarettes from doing tasks and searching places
    • Instead of instantly getting an explosive and a handmade lighter from doing task, you’ll now gain jail cigarettes which you can use to purchase the explosive and handmade lighter for from the NPC

I keep getting error
script:drx_mdt SCRIPT ERROR: citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:867: No such export jail in resource esx_tk_jail
Trying to use exports.esx_tk_jail:jail(targetId, time) as an export in our MDT

Hey! What version are you running on? Make sure you have updated to the latest one as this export was added in a later update. You van check the version from the fxmanifest.lua.

Can you add ox inventory support please, Thanks


Support for storing and getting back items when jailed for ox inventory is working in the latest update, but I’m still working on the support for the new update (jail stashes). I will post here when the update with support for ox inventory has been released.

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Rakas kulta tukehhz voisikko tehä toisen tyyli paeta sieltä? kun tota clienttiä ja servua ei pysty itse muokkailee jonku ilmastoinnin kautta ja sit siihen karkaukseen et kaikki 2 distancel nii lähtee mukaa tyylii? vaikka aika nopsa homma enempää en pyydä.

Siel on kyl tarpeeks eventtei ja exportteja tarjolla, jotta voit itse luoda vaihtoehtoisen keinon paeta.