[ESX] esx_menu_default [REDESIGN V2]


I decided to release another redesign that includes sound, animations, and a banner.

The redesign defaults to 2D, but can easily be changed to 3D. The sound can be turned off and the banner can be changed to whatever you prefer. Scroll down to learn more.

Download the latest version here.

Video Showcase : Resolution 2560x1440

Video Showcase : Resolution 1920x1080

Change the banner URL

  1. Navigate to esx_menu_default/html/css/app.css.
    Row 42.
background-image: url(https://i.postimg.cc/gkhGnGgw/banner.png);
  1. Replace 'https://i.postimg.cc/gkhGnGgw/banner.png' with your own URL.

  2. Save & restart the script.

Turn the menu into 3D

  1. Navigate to esx_menu_default/html/css/app.css.
    Row 16-18.
 /* -webkit-transform: perspective(0px) translateZ(0);
 transform: perspective(0px) translateZ(0);
 transform: perspective(900px) rotateY(20deg); */
  1. Un-comment the three lines (remove /* at the start, and */ at the end).

  2. Save & restart the script.

Turn off the sound

  1. Navigate to esx_menu_default/client/main.lua.
    Row 2.
local soundOn = true
  1. Change true, to false.

  2. Save & restart the script.

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Nice job.
you should also design the list and dialog to fit the design.


I can definitely look into that if it’s of interest.

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i have this error
a white line

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Have you changed anything in the .css file?
What resolution are you running?

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1920, nope i dont change

Nice :smiley:
keep doing an excellent job!

Unfortunately for me it appears too low on the screen. getting behind the gps.

Can you help me pf?

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I can help you out tomorrow.

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I assume restarting the script isn’t helping?

nope i restart all server

This is fantastic. Is there any way to align it to somewhere like the top-right instead?

This looks nice.

Is there some alternative for esx_menu_list and esx_menu_dialog ?

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you need change in your scripts

I don’t use ESX, but it look very cool !

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They already are, but it still aligns left.

i don’t use ESX either but nice ui looking good.

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Looks really great ! :wink:
Like someone says, if there is a Dialog Box and list, would be awesome.

Thanks for the share, the work and this design :wink:


Aye this looks absolutely amazing, nicely done :smiley: Heres hoping you do the DB and List as well :stuck_out_tongue: Keep up the great work :smiley:

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nice one! can u add menu_list and menu_dialog?

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