[ESX] esx_cuffanimation | FiveM Cuff Animation for esx_policejob

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Download: https://github.com/Luca845LP/esx_cuffanimation


if the video not working https://streamable.com/998sl5


Search in ‘esx_policejob/client/main.lua’ for

elseif action == 'handcuff' then
TriggerServerEvent('esx_policejob:handcuff', GetPlayerServerId(closestPlayer))

Replace it with:

elseif action == 'handcuff' then

Start The PoliceJob AFTER the cuff Script!

Based on: https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-esx-advanced-arrest-animation/750551

But is it way better than the Old one.


preview? pls


Thankyou for improving my script :slight_smile: :+1:

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please video preview


Nice release! I love it. Maybe you can add an better animation when i uncuff a player. And add some animations for billing and when a player search a player :slight_smile:

great release!

Have you got a preview video you can put on there please :eyes:

Hi, it looks the same as the ruskiarrest.

The only thing thats different is the end of the animation theres a gunpoint but thats it.

Couple things to note:

  • Resource_lua is depreciated. Should be using fxmanifest instead.

  • Should also use PlayerPedId() instead of GetPlayerPed as it’s faster.

This is the full length of the animation, pretty much everyone who uses the arrest animation ends it early because the gun portion takes a lot longer. So animation is the same as well just with the duration being different? Kek.

jeah i will put this in a new release

yeah but now you can arrest from the F6 Menu and in the next version you will have Billing Animations and more

Everything works for me except that the player does not get a handcuff, he can continue as normal like nothing?

NICE <3 Really Good work!!

Love this release, appreciate it homie! <3

you must have


in the handcuff action. this cuffs the player. and you should have a unedited version from esx_policejob, because idk what you’ve changed in the job!

i have added a preview video

Many thanks. Also, just saying that picture looks nothing like the preview video you have provided it more looks like esx_ruskiarrest? - Thanks anyways

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I like this a lot, thank you!

Look forward to the new/updated release of this resource :100:

video dead :confused: