[ESX] Crypto Customs Dealership Job

my dealership wont get any cars from the table to be able to buy a car, i have wiped the database twice and only put one vehicle in it and its still the same, it worked a few days ago and now i keep getting this error,

Any idea of how to solve this?

The table fetches with mysql startup, trying making sure you have atleast 1 car and category in the tables properly and reboot/boot the server.

it happens as soon as i add more than one vehicle, and now i have more error messages

Hi there I have added cars to the database when I try and buy one though it comes up with the name of the car but I don’t

actually have the option to buy any of them >>

Yes but if I add a second car and do either addon or addon2 instad of 1 it doesn’t work any chance you could add an example for a second car I want to add

Bro can you help me … when I click on the menu to buy the car I can’t see anything …?

Getting these errors wich im clueless of


I am having issues with the crypto customs car dealer script, when i try click the put vehicle on display button it doesn’t respond and the button doesn’t work, however this is a necessary part of it. Any solutions?

Run es_extended before you run all the esx resources like this

So the issue I currently have…

I go to harvest a license plate (the options are all there), however I do not receive the license plate and I’m not sure why. I am not getting any errors…

cars sold from dealership not giving to the buyer, it doesnt register as they vehicle

How do i rent a car`?

So I’ve got this working, good script btw but my issue is more with the dealership it’s at… dealership doors are glitched etc and the floor is bugged… is there a way I can move this script to use another dealership? would I just change the coords of the job menu and boss actions?

If so, can someone tell me the lines and which files to change please?

In config
ShopEntering = employee menu
ShopInside = buying car instance spawn
ShopOutside = put on display spot
BossActions = boss menu
GiveBackVehicle = rented/leased car return back to dealership

Just change them to wherever you want.

Thanks done that - I’ve seen other people make it possible for people to be able to buy ondispay cars with options over the car? rent, buy etc… is that a separate script?

has anyone got a qbus version

Guys i have some issues, when i try to deposit money i just freeze, … i mean i can’t do anything Screenshot by Lightshot

More than likely.

Is this still up to date and working?