[ESX] CONDE-B1G_INVENTORY | Fast Items, Hotbar, Notifications, Shortcuts, HUD and much more

looks like your server is using limit system rather than weight

I added and what is key for open trunk?

how do i disable the animation

Does anyone know how I can make the items show the total / individual weight?

How would one add a Police Evidence locker with this inventory? :smiley:

I’m having a issue with the SQL Database setting up this line
ALTER TABLE disc_ammoADD COLUMNattachTEXT NOT NULL DEFAULT '[]' AFTERcount; My SQL shoots out this error #1101 - BLOB/TEXT column 'attach' can't have a default value

Any help would be appreciated, as all my guns come out with no ammo

im trying to make it so people have to buy a weapon license. i found in the code what to enable to get it working but now when i go and buy a weapon and i have a weapon license listed under user_licenses in sql but it still tells me that i need to buy a license. do i need to make that an item in the sql?

Hello I have been using you’re inventory and i have found that after relogging all ammo disappers from weapons and sometimes when putting ammo into a weapon it causes the inventory to glitch out and makes the weapon wheel appear instead of inventory how can i fix this?

Do you use kashacters? That’s probably a problem with the database on disc_ammo

I don’t support weapon licenses right now, sorry!

You can do that in multiple ways, check storages made for esx_inventoryhud I think this works in a pretty similar way!

That’s pretty basic, just remove taskplayanim after the control press I think!

i need inventory_trunk and glovebox :frowning:

aii thanks

someone should add a durability function to this.

I’m having an issue where I cant add more than two stacks of ammo when purchasing at the shop. Ive searched the files but cant seem to find a value that would change that.