[ESX] Bullet Shells - A simple evidence system



  • A great way to allow police to investigate crime scenes
  • Saves bullet shell at player coords when a gun is shot
  • Police can inspect bullets shells while aiming with a flashlight
  • Inspecting a shell (Pressing [E] near shell) reveals the gun and the time the gun was shot
  • Shells save to database
  • After a configurable time, the shells will dissapear
  • Police:
    • Idle > 0.03 ms
    • Aiming with flashlight with shell infront > ~0.10 ms (More shells = Bigger usage)
  • Others:
    • Idle > 0.01 ms
    • Shooting > ~0.05 ms




Installing the script

  • Download the file and extract esx_tk_bulletshells into your resources folder
  • Add start esx_tk_bulletshells to your server.cfg file
  • Insert the esx_tk_bulletshells.sql file into your database
  • (Optional) Edit config.lua to your liking

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Looks like a really cool addon, thanks for your contribution to the community it’ll help people like me and others :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Can you help me out, i cant seem to get it to work

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I need some better information. Did you add start esx_tk_bulletshells to your server.cfg? Do you have es_extended, mysql-async and mythic notify installed? Do you get any errors in your console?

i didnt have mythic notify im testing now

still didnt work, no error in console

In your database, is your name for the police job “police”? Also are you holding a flashlight and aiming with it where you have shot and is your job set to police?

in my db its vs_police so i changed that in the config, im doing everything ive been told and still no worky

Best Dev Ever, Great Support, Amazing Script!!

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great script there is only one problem if you use the on off duty your script doesn’t run if i register with the police then i cannot work with your script unless i would restart the script every time

im having to ensure the script for it to register that im a cop every time i or any cop comes in any idea why?

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The code has been updated and the it should work now!

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I updated the script it should be working now!

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This has also been fixed now.

Installed and working within seconds. What a brilliant script! Wow, just wow. A+ work here.

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Hello and thank’s !
Possible to have an ID for bullets? And a possibility to inspect a weapon and see the unique ID to the weapon for compare the bullets and weapons to match? (It’s difficult for me to explain more, sorry for my english)

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That’s a great idea! I’ll look into it and possibly add it in the future.

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