[Release] EssentialMode base

It won’t display in the pause menu, it will only display in the top right corner when a transaction just occurred. Also make sure you enabled the native money system with the settings event.

Ok I understand, thank you :slight_smile:

@Kanersps will es4 have a built in model menu or skin customization because i cant find one for 3.2.3.

Such will never get built in.

@Kanersps alright. do u know of any one that currently can be rigged to work with es 3.2.3 or es 4 bc i love how simple it is to use. just need that last bit. would mysql-async bridges be the way to go?

“Who said ‘I want RP!’?”

Weird dude in the corner puts his hand up

“Ugh, okay.”


only problem im having is the chat/commands not working

only file i need to change is the config.lua right? i went digging and saw mysql open ( stuff that needed data bases too when im on couchdb. do those need to be changed as well?

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When i have installed Essentials im getting stuck on the loading screen but when i do not got it it works fine.

I have tried to reinstall server & turn off trainers.

can someone please explain why this is happening ? https://gyazo.com/ac8b8e06958b2ae583eed54aa17c9d28

You’re on literally the first ever released version of essentialmode. Which isn’t supported.

What is the 30log file for ?
Is it about passing object across event ?

I can’t figuring out with using var like Users as Global when it’s obout objects like you done. (in Fx-Server)
Whatever I do, the datas just disapear since I assign them to a var (But I use rTable like you done…)

when i download it theres no sql also im not using heidi im using phpmyadmins sql database do u tihnk there will be any problems

The newest version of essential is working with CouchDb. So forget the SQL

do u know where the newest version is?

Just at the top of the topic ?

ok thank you:smiley:

yeah that’s because i’m hosting this from a third party host, would you mind linking me to a version that still supports msql and compatible to use with freeroam and or advanced rp ? i would appreciate that so hard, because the people from the third party literally gives 2 shits wheter i get my server to work or not.

thanks in advance!

i uploaded it and its not working at all

in order to get essentialmode working on couchdb you have to setup your local host on couchdb first by downloading their newest 2.0 version, then you make sure the appach couchdb is running in your Administrative tools > component service > local, which will give you acces to where you create a new admin account and that information will be used in your couchdb configs where it asks for host > db > login > password, when all that is done all you need to do is start your game and your server will detect your database, and then the issue start for me aswell because i don’t know how to migrate sql data to couchdb myself which is why my server is running on 1 leg instead of 2, hence is why i asked for a sql version earlier which is also compatible with freeroam or advancedrp, let’s pray

edit: you can also use XAMPP its a tool that let you connect to your local databases in just a few clicks, although the normal way isn’t much harder