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Whitelist Applications: Whitelist Application.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EntityRP
YouTube: https://tinyurl.com/3txkbzru
Discord: Entity RP
Rules: EntityRP Ruleset - Google Docs

EntityRP is an established FiveM Roleplay community. We encourage to create fun, unique and creative roleplay experiences for everyone. We are a whitelisted 18+ server that provides different opportunities for both civilians and criminal characters.

We already have an amazing community that is open for beginner and experienced roleplayers! We understand that it’s hard to get into roleplay when you’re new so we provide a clear ruleset and made several video tutorials and starter-guides to help new roleplayers out! We also have a community and staff members that are willing to lend out a hand when someone has any questions.

What does EntityRP have to offer?

  • Realistic Economy
  • Whitelisted Jobs
  • Whitelisted Gangs
  • Custom Vehicles
  • Different Buildings/MLO’s
  • Items Degrading
  • Female and Male Hairstyles
  • Female and Male Clothing
  • Player-Owned Businesses
  • An Immersive Drug System
  • An amazing community and a place you can call home!

Whitelisted Jobs

  • Department of Justice | Lawyer, Judge, Peral Legal
  • Police | LSPD and BCSO
  • EMS | Doctor, Nurse, Paramedics
  • Rivers Platinum Cars & Rivers Imports | Car dealership
  • SAITOxTITAN | Mechanic Shop
  • Weazel News | Reporter
    and more…

Illegal Activities you can do in the City

  • Bank robberies
  • House robberies
  • Convenient store robberies
  • Oxy Runs
    and more…

What you should know about EntityRP…

  • Entity has two female founders, Ash and Jess
  • We have experienced Developers in our team that are providing and making unique scripts
  • We are a streamer-friendly community! Loyal streamers of the server will receive a streamer tag to get their content highlighted in our Discord
  • Even though our server is NA-based, we are an EU-Friendly server! That means restart, in, and out-game events will be at a suitable time for people outside of NA too!
  • All items are only obtainable in-game with in-game money
  • We have zero-tolerance for homophobia, racial behavior, bullying, and any harassment toward community members on all platforms

We closed up business applications where people from the community could propose a business idea they want in our city. See below a few of the businesses fellow community members have!

From top to bottom: Disco’s Pizza, Cool Beans, and The Scran.

We would love to have YOU apply and join our city! :purple_heart:


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We are going in BETA tomorrow! Join in!

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Enjoying my time in this city!

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Currently we are in desperate need of a Chief of Justice. Someone who has legal experience and/or experience in Legal RP. Please let us know here our in our Discord that you are interested so you can get contacted.

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Opening back up on March 12!

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I’m not going to lie; I enjoyed the server and some of the excellent scripts; however, a lot of the stuff put my mates and me off the community and server. Sadly, I don’t think we will be coming back. I do wish you guys the best, but some of the old staff ( no clue if they are still there) and players did not follow the rules and were unjust and unfair regarding staff issues. There also seemed to be quite a bit of drama from staff and players that bled into the RP like cancer and ruined the experience for most people I talked to and hung out with regularly. but I do wish yall the best and hope these issues have been resolved.

Had a very similar experience.

Were you from the old or the new beta? Because if you’re from the old… lots has changed. Community has been more peaceful than ever :slight_smile:
And the scripts have been more amazing than ever. We haven’t had any staff issues recently from my knowing, if you think we do, DM we so we can look into it.