Emergency Alert System (a.k.a Ear Assault System)

Hey, I tried adding this to my vMenu server and it doesn’t work. Maybe I missed something, but is this only for ESX servers?

it wont work for me either

the scrip only plays 20 seconds of audio, but my audio is 1 minute, how can I make it play whole since it cuts off at 20 seconds

There is weazle news version?

I have a strange problem. other people can hear the alert but i can’t :c do any of you know how i can fix this?

How set long time ? help

how to fix this ?

Hi there, for some reason the UI couldnt be spawned (The actual EAS UI) Do I need native ui or something?

Couldn’t load resource eas-fivem: Couldn’t load resource eas-fivem from resources:/eas-fivem/: Could not open resource metadata file resources:/eas-fivem//__resource.lua How can i fix this?