Dreamscape RP Season 2

Welcome to Dreamscape RP. Where we strive to provide a realistic and diverse roleplaying experience. 18+ recommended 16+ minimum.

We are always listening to the community and actively developing the server. Everyone in Dreamscape is family and treated equally.

Everyone has the right to roleplay their dream. Whether that be owning their own business, patching people up with the EMS Team, or grabbing a donut with PD. #LiveYourDream

Somethings to look forward to:
Non-whitelisted jobs and whitelisted jobs
Community events
ESX Framework
Variety of custom vehicles for purchase and finance.
A realistic and dynamic economy
Criminal activities in general
Organized gangs and criminal organizations
Purchasable properties & furnish-able realty options
Player-owned businesses and stores
Unique Drug System
Wide variety of different clothing options

What we are looking for but not required to join:
Criminal Groups(gangs and orgs)

Live your Dream with us today at


+Rep This server is everything I want from an esx server, very cool. Staff team is really nice too!


Is the server 18+? The description looks promising, but I’ve been having problems with squeakers over the past two months in servers promising the same things. I don’t want to be playing with 12 year-olds.



We do not have a strict age limit but we expect maturity out of our players. From my experience immaturity leads to not being able to follow basic rp rules and if someone cant do that then they will not be in the server long as we have active staff available at almost all hours of the day.

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This is not an outdated post, i have updated the title and information to the new server i am running.

latest updates

  • added 3 new drugs(LSD, Heroin and Ketamine)
  • new drugs are usable with unique effects
  • new drugs are sellable
  • fixed a lockpicking issue with one of the drug jobs
  • updated the heart stopper image
  • added 2 new items to the store
  • fixed lumberjack job overfilling inventory
  • removed the requirement to spam e to chop wood, only requires 1 key press per animation now
  • moved plank selling location to make sense(its still marked on the map)
  • finished and added treasure diving - added scuba gear and sonars to the shops
  • fixed the (non player owned) trucking and you can now do it
  • added weapon accessories counter(shop) to all ammunations
  • removed individual ammo from ammunations
  • added weapon clips(must be loaded individaully)
  • added weapon skins
  • added unmarked ammo clips(untrackable)
  • added /weapon command to manage your weapon attachments, skins and body armour
  • body armour and weapon attachments added(find them in rp)
  • added evidence collection for pd(evidence washes away in rain and can be picked up for criminals to try and cover there tracks)
  • added burgershot to the map(only place to get burgers now(no more gas station burgers)

Server will be reopening this coming Friday and am looking to get some positions filed. This is an economy server with serious rp AND 18+.

Positions we are looking to fill before launch Friday are as follows

Chief of Pd

Director of DOC

Medical director

2 car dealership owners(1 is high end vics and the other is low end)

Chief Justice for the DOJ

1 Mechanic shop owner


Other positions that are open

5 street gang slots(max of 10 members)

3 criminal organizations(max of 10 members)

2 mcs(max of 10 members)

If you want to run a business of any sort not on this list feel free to reach out! If it’s a good idea I will put it in!.


Server has received countless updates since launch. I guarantee there is something for you! Does not matter if your a crim, cop, ems or just a everyday civ you will NEVER be bored!