dpClothing+ (1.0.3) Clothing Variations and Toggles (Gloves, Vest, Top, Hair, Bag and more)

That’s a completely different mechanic, and there are multiple scripts in the forum that allow you to do that.

Okay, thank you. The reason I asked is because I have seen many server with a sling and unsling function in the dpclothing menu, and I was trying to get it working on my server.

im looking for the same fix.


I am using this on my server and for whatever reason when you take off the clothing it replaces it with another clothing item. For example: taking off pants will remove the current ones but then a new pair is visible instead of being naked. Does anyone know what the issue may be? Artifact vs 4736.

You should add the command /fixpj adding this to esx_skin/client/main.lua :




            TriggerEvent("skinchanger:loadSkin", skin)





For some reason every time server restarts the script breaks, Always have to re add the script to server and restart it from in game to work. Anyone have this issue before ?

When I press and hold Y I can not click on any of the options. I can only use the / commands. The wheel doesn’t work for me. Others on my server can use it though. just certain people

I have this exact same issue, did you manage to find a fix?

Fixed it, you need to have nude textures in your server to begin with. So actually download a nude clothing item.

Hi all, how i remove the TAB key , is removing the watch …


hi ,i would ,when connect to the server , the mask is off …can i edit this ?

Love the script! I modified it to work with cars.

wow! that looks great!
Any chance of sharing the vehicle addition?

We are currently using a vehicle controller, its meh. This would be great!

Omg this looks good!

Thank you for editing the images for me.

This looks awesome. Would you be willing to share?

its pretty much complete just got to add a few last things before I release it. Animations etc.


looking forward to it!