dpClothing+ (1.0.3) Clothing Variations and Toggles (Gloves, Vest, Top, Hair, Bag and more)

How do I delete the controller bind?

Try your database

Thanks for the italian translation!

Tell me who knows why dpClothing + does not work on all servers and on this one too, it appears but does not respond to the mouse? thanks

it’s happening to me too

Hey, help - The player always starts with a mask, I want it to start without it!


Anyone know how to add it to the radial menu, how to create a new command?
EDIT: Problem solved :smiley:

mind to share with us?

Hi guys. I am a little bit new on developing. I have a problem with hats. When my player wears a hat, i can steel see the hair. Is there any way, not streaming hair when the player wears the hat? And when the player removes the hat, the hair show stream again.

Best regards

I have run into an issue of certain people not being able to keep clothing off, or on, they will put a mask on start running and it will come off, and the same people will take off their clothes and when they start running their clothes will come back on. Also having an issue with some people not being able to click on the toggle menu. Any help???

Bit of a weird one, essentially we had working dpclothing but it just suddenly started doing this thing where you can take things off with the menu, it doesn’t turn blue like it use to and you can’t put it back on, does anyone know what could possibly be causing this


did this ever get a fix? to pick up hat off the floor?