dpClothing+ (1.0.3) Clothing Variations and Toggles (Gloves, Vest, Top, Hair, Bag and more)

Trying to get this to work with EUP, the way that this is setup is a little different from others that I have had to edit in order to work with EUP. Can someone give me some guidance?

So everything works good in the script, but the on/off toggle for the mask, hat and glasses does not work and i’m trying to figure out how to fix it …

Can someone please help me?

Hello,I have an problem with chosing clothes on radial menu. I reported that to owner of the server but he say’s that script is okey and there is no problem with script on the server, so I’m searching for me as player.
I cant choose any of the options which gives Radial menu,and when I open the menu once,i can’t close it without going relog. But when I open another menu for other stuff and press windows button I can choose but I cant close menu.

Hey brother, when players take their shirts off, its defaults to a black hoodie instead of being shirtless, any fix for this? im guessing ive compiled clothing wrong or something.

I’m trying to make a hairtie item, but cannot find the right export to make it work…
This is the code I currently have:

ESX                = nil

TriggerEvent('esx:getSharedObject', function(obj) ESX = obj end)

local hair = false

ESX.RegisterUsableItem('hairtie', function(source)

    if hair then 

        local xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(source)



        hair = false


        local xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(source)



        hair = true



Not sure if this could be the issue or not, but from what I remember is essentially whenever you add new clothes into your server, you pretty much have to re-install / re-configure the whole menu because now each hat, shirt, glasses, whatever you originally configured is now different. Therefor it will not work correctly anymore.

I would try that first and see if it configures normally again.

If its your first time installing this program and using it, you have to tell the script to essentially: if command shirt is toggled and player takes off shirt, then player will now be shirtless and will show his/her upper body. You will also need to make your configurations.

I hope that makes sense / helps!

Good work as always amazing.

I’m having the same problem and I’ve tried almost everything

Ok, I’ve solved my problem.
It was going in contrast with a script that I’m developing right now that requires skinchanger.

Hey! Does anyone know how to spawn after relog always without your mask on

did you ever get an answer to this got the same issue

I’m trying to get the male tshirt_1 to change to 15 and the female tshirt_1 to chage to 14.

Currently both go to 15 via the config.

How can I get them to deviate?

any help would be appreciated :frowning:

For some reason mine does not work. I hold Y, press on the item I want to take off / on with my mouse. It does not say anything and I can not do it. I have cleared my cache, I have tried restarting FiveM, I have tried checking on all servers I am in, same problem.

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hey so i do -1 on the tshirt slot and i get no top but others see me in a top why is this

for me

Go to settings and you must see an option to change things of the mouse (Mouse settings or similar). Inside that, you see an option called Mouse Input or similar. Check that you NOT have Window, you must have in one of the another two. I hope it works for you

Is it possible to make it remove and add back the armour of the vest when people take it off/on?

I noticed that if i equip a bulletproof vest and then take it off via the Menu i will still have 100 armour on my ped.

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