Crafting System [FREE]

Introducing a cutting-edge crafting system for FiveM that supports both ESX and QB-CORE frameworks. Our user-friendly config, extensive customization, and realistic crafting experience set the stage for immersive gameplay. With developer-friendly code, elevate your server and engage players in a unique crafting journey.

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  • User friendly
  • Easy configuration
  • Support for multiple tables for one crafting
  • Support for job and non-job craftings
  • Protected events
  • Discord logging !
  • Support for QB and ESX

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 200
Support Yes/No

I have to thank you for releasing this awesome food craft script…

My question is, could you make a version just for food? I’d sure like to welcome it here in the north.


I was most pleased with the ox_targer function


You are a star, thankyou so much. I just have some issues making the tables spawn.

I tried to remove the ESX lines, as Im on QB base and OX inv and target and so on.

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Wdym by only food version ?

Can you contact me on my discord server please ? So I can check it further

I really like your script, It looks cool in your video! But i have a problem the script does not work for me. I get this error and i have not edited anything in the files, Do you know what the problem is?

Do you have ox_lib ?

I have a problem, I have to start scripted all the time every time a new player needs to use craftin

Write me on discord

I cannot get anything to work. I have changed the config file to work with qbcore, I have changed the item name to nil for no item. I have put jobs required to use it as nil and I still get nothing. I have spammed “E” and have used my third eye and still nothing. Am I doing something wrong?