๐Ÿšจ Core Car Rental - Zipcar, Easy car rental for new players! [PAID]

Can you make a screen of resmon?

This is when you are outside of the zone! And at rare times you are within the zone its reaches 0.1 ms

there is a very simple change that can be made to make it sit at 0.01 ms when not by an area

Awesome script. The city is enjoying it

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Nice script,

What car hud is that if you donโ€™t mind me asking?

How long does it take to get the download link? I bought it yesterday and got no link

check junk mail

May I ask about that carhud please? Where abouts did you find it, Also the script is awesome!!!

I remade it.

Whereabouts can I buy that hud at? Also I am talking about the vehicle HUD, not the actual hudโ€ฆ :slight_smile:

itโ€™s not for sale now if many people will be interested i will make a public version for sale but it needs to be optimized more!

Alright! Let me know if you have a beta version I will be more than happy to test it out :slight_smile:

Hey, great script, its working brilliantly out of the box. Just a few questions, can it handle any vehicle class or just cars?
As for connecting an ESX fine feature within the config, without recording anything in a database, what do I need to define to simply remove money from xPlayer account when they are caught?

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Hello, can be converted to other framework like qbus?

It can its no enceypted. But if youre asking if i will do it then no :slight_smile:

Very nice script! We are very happy with it

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Since the cars have the same license plate my inventory for the glovebox and trunk are all the same for every car that spawns.

For some reason, 2 things happenโ€ฆ

  1. replacing the cars with my own cars ends up not showing the option to rent the car even though the car is spawn, no words show.
  2. even without my own cars, after renting a car, I couldnโ€™t get in the car. My player would try to walk to get in but then would stopโ€ฆ

How does your script show itself with a large online?
Will there be a disorderly appearance of cars?

hey ! Someone help me to add key system whit this script i have cd_garage whit the key system but i donโ€™t know how add the key . thx