Cops and Robbers: Next Generation

Summary NG: 2. Trained Police Animals


Hello everyone!

The development team is currently working on Version 1.7 and while we don’t have a release date yet we expect it to be released soon enough. The month of April marks the one-year anniversary since we publicly announced the closed beta. Keep an eye on the Anniversary event scheduled for April 30th!

I will leave you with a sneak peek, a couple of screenshots of some of the new features arriving with Version 1.7 :wink:


Easter officially joins our calendar of yearly seasonal events!

:egg: Easter Egg Hunt :egg:
The classic of Easter holidays: Easter Eggs hunting! Mysterious eggs have been lost around the city, find them and claim your rewards!

:rabbit: Capture the Bunnies :rabbit2:
Bunnies on the run! These fluffy creatures have been spotted around the city, capture them for extra pickups and prizes

And of course, our admins will be handing out gifts for everyone!
Our development team is working hard on some new features that are about to be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Happy Easter and have fun!

~The CnR:NG Team


:hammer_and_wrench: CnR:NG Version 1.7 - Changelog :hammer_and_wrench:

:star2: New Features

:arrow_right: New Robberies

  • Power Plant Robbery
  • Jewelry Store Robbery
  • Warehouse Robbery
  • Ship Robbery
  • Bonus Robbery Locations

:arrow_right: Property System Reworked

  • Default property prices are now calculated based on interior, exterior, the area where the property is in and the number of times it had been purchased before
  • Property interior and exterior will determine which upgrades are available for it (both property and garage), the money storage capacity it will have, as well as break-in chances
  • There is now a maximum of 2 co-owners and 10 key holders per property
  • Co-owners will be charged 50% of property taxes
  • Removed 100+ properties

:arrow_right: Improved User Experience for New Players

  • Re-organized /faq into categories
  • Added the full list of commands (/commands, /cmds)
  • Added the full list of 10-codes (/codes, /tencodes)

:arrow_right: Improved LS Customs & Vehicle Modifications

  • Reworked vehicle coloring system using R,G,B
  • Vehicles will now always spawn with the normal paint type
  • Vehicle colors, liveries and other features should now save properly in garages
  • Added Xenon Lights to LS Customs

:arrow_right: Gameplay Changes & Balancing

  • Reset everyone’s money and properties. Reset markets and week number
  • Significantly nerfed the Nokota damage
  • Lowered the arrest range significantly, increased arrest evasion immunity (exiting vehicles and attacking police officers)
  • Crew robberies now automatically consider the closest group members to be part of the robbery. /crew will be used to toggle crew mode and automatic splitting
  • Lowered the weapon prices
  • The Death Row will only take 1 life insurance per execution. You will also be forced to pay bail upon death as blood money.
  • Resisting Arrest and Evading Arrest are now two separate crimes:
    – Resisting Arrest will only be triggered upon attacking a cop as a felon. Felons resisting arrest may surrender but without cooperation benefits.
    – Evading Arrest will be triggered upon cancelling surrendering or being asked to pull over several times as a felon.
  • Cop DM and Unauthorized Use of Deadly Force (UUDF) are now two separate offenses. UUDF punishments will be issued upon killing passive and/or unarmed felons that should be arrested
  • Significantly reduced NPC vehicle density

:arrow_right: Other stuff:

  • Added /dice to jail cells
  • Sirens on modded vehicles (Police T20 & Cheetah Classic) are now audible
  • Added missing police stations
  • Added fire station spawns and removed out-of-city spawns for paramedics
  • Added a line-of-sight check for kidnapping and player robbery
  • Tweaked Benny’s Heist and LifeInvader Heist
  • Changed some map blips
  • New location for the Home Delivery mission
  • Slightly increase home delivery mission rewards
  • Slightly reduced the rewards for cargo delivery and sieges
  • Added some customized billboards in Mission Row
  • Added /neon for donating players
  • Many bugfixes and other QoL changes

:speaking_head: A big shout-out to Ducati (mapping) and Dusty Flop (modded vehicles)!

For full changelog details please visit the forums or type /changelog in-game.

Changelog Link: CnR:NG Version 1.7 - Changelog - CnR:NG Forums

Thank you and have fun!

~The CnR:NG Team


Time for another Car Show!

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