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Welcome to the Next Generation of the Cops and Robbers game mode. The journey began 15 years ago, on a SA-MP server called CrazyBob’s Cops and Robbers. It was the first CnR server out there and one of the biggest SA-MP servers altogether. While CnR:NG is not an exact copy of the old server, many consider it to be the spiritual successor of CrazyBob’s CnR. So for all the nostalgic people out there who experienced CnR on SA-MP, this one’s for you. If you are new to this game mode, please check out what it’s about below.

Please note that CrazyBob himself isn’t a part of this project, but the team responsible for it came directly from CrazyBob’s CnR admin team.

The Gameplay

The Cops and Robbers game mode mainly focuses on criminal activities and police pursuits, however, there is still a whole other world to experience here. From trucking, fishing, and hunting animals to becoming a hitman or a drug dealer. The game consists of both legal and illegal activities which award you with an appropriate amount of cash depending on how risky the job was. The riskier it is, the more rewarding it gets. This brings us to Police Officers whose duty is to keep the streets clean from criminals.

Make use of teamwork and chase down the troublemakers. If you’re into doing (or stopping) criminal activities, expect a lot of fun chases and shootouts. These pursuits get even more interesting when there’s a helicopter or a boat in play. You are free to team up with other players for robberies and split your rewards. Form groups and gangs, meet new people, create friendships, enjoy the beauty of CnR, and most importantly have fun because that’s what CnR is all about.

CnR:NG is NOT a Roleplay server, so the whole arrest system is fast-paced, allowing you to switch from one chase to another in no time. If you get arrested, you lose some of your belongings, but it’s easy to get back to whatever you were doing.

While fighting and shootouts are a huge part of this game mode, this server is NOT a Deathmatch server, so killing other players without a valid reason is not allowed.


Below you’ll find a list of current features that are live on the server. For more detailed descriptions on all of these please visit our website.

Player Skills

Once spawned you will need to choose your Skill. This Skill can give you an advantage in a certain domain. For example, Fishers have a higher chance of successfully catching fish compared to other players. Your Skill can also give you access to activities which other players cannot perform, such as completing hit contracts as a Hitman. You’re able to change your skill at the City Hall, so don’t worry if you picked something that doesn’t quite fit you.

Current list of Skills:

  • Disappearer
  • Driver
  • Drug Dealer
  • Fisher
  • Gunrunner
  • Hitman
  • Paramedic
  • Police Officer
  • Prostitute
  • Thief


Most Skills have a unique side-mission you can complete for extra money. Some even have several. However, some missions are accessible by every civilian, both legal and illegal one, such as:

  • Air Delivery
  • House Delivery
  • Smuggling
  • Trucking

Skill-specific missions include Assassination, Paramedic Missions, Fire Fighting, and many more.


These don’t count as missions, but they serve a similar purpose - earning you money. Some activities are available only for a certain amount of time and are designed to be competitive, meaning you’ll have to be fast and a bit lucky to win.

Current list of Activities:

  • Fishing (with fishing tournaments and daily bonus fish)
  • Time Trials
  • Growing drugs
  • Goldrush
  • Hunting

Robbery spots

Robberies give you lots of cash in a small period of time, but they are also the riskiest way of earning money. Starting a robbery pops an alarm that alerts all the cops, so better be fast.

Robberies include small stores and shops, banks, and heists. Currently, bank robberies and heists reward you the most. Expect more robbery spots in the future.


Please note that the current iteration of the game mode is still in development, and the current features may not be final and are subject to change. Many more features are already planned and will be included based on the Community feedback.

Get engaged, visit us on Forums and Discord and become a part of the CnR:NG Community.

Here’s a trailer of what you can expect to see in the game.

We hope to see you there!

-The CnR:NG Team


Actually surprised at how good this server turned out to be. i gave up on fivem about a year ago because every server seemed to be either RP or free-for-all deathmatching but this server is like a near-perfect balance between the two. Probably the only actual cops v robbers server on fiveM at the moment


Played on a few RP servers throughout my time on FiveM, saw this in the works a while back now. Lovely stuff, completely like the server on SAMP. Lot’s of features and an active development team who put a lot of their time and effort into the server. It’s great.


Unique server with features the others FiveM servers doesn’t have so far . I’ve been playing some FiveM servers and can tell that . Love this server, love the features and recommend 100% a try . Awesome community and helpfull players . Congrats .


Finally a decent cops and robbers server on FiveM. If you ever played Crazybob’s cnr then you must give CNR:NG a try.


Something we all been waiting for. I played on a bunch of RP servers, they all shutdown due to issues with the owner or admins leaving due to power hungry people. Now this is not an RP server, this something off GTA SA clients like multi theft, SAMP and others. The team is doing a great job, so come and join us and have fun.


i have been playing RP years ago, finally fivem have some servers can be enjoying,
this was cops and robbers mean…


Been part of this community for about a decade and I can say that this is a very exciting moment for me (and everyone else). Say what you want about the community, but this is an original masterpiece of a script that CrazyBob put heart and soul into. It truly defined Cops and Robbers as a gamemode and became a base for unsuccessful off-brand servers over the years.

I was exploring FiveM a few years ago… dodging all the RP servers to find the closest I can find to a GTA 5 iteration of CnR, and I had no luck. I gave up and eventually got into a Tycoon-like server, having to cope with the fact it would never happen. Well, it did.


Props for doing something else than RP, there ain’t many of them!


Been trying this server for a couple of weeks now since closed beta. All I can say is the developers did an amazing job in recreating the best part of SAMP’s Crazybob’s CNR. The server is feature-rich and has an interesting economic system with houses that players can purchase ranging from Hillhouse to a small shack at senora desert. The best part of it all is this server is non-RP unlike 90% of the other FiveM servers.


Devs went above and beyond to create a game mod in such short period of time with these many features like economy system, hunting, fishing and many more that have been in CB’s in SAMP. The best CnR server out there for sure.


this server is better than real life


Not gonna lie, this server is amazing. I have been playing for many hours now and the amount of stuff you can do is just insane. Kudos to the CnR NG team for their amazing work! If you (like me) have been searching for a decent Cops and Robbers gamemode, give this a try and I am sure you will not regret.



Pretty dope server.


CnR:NG Version 1.2 - Changelog

Version 1.2 is finally here. Below you can find some highlights:

Real Estate - Players may now sell and buy properties from other players. Offline property sales soon.

Planting Drugs - Non Drug Dealers may now plant up to 3 drug plants for their personal use. They cannot sell drugs.

Hit Contracts - Hit contracts now save after a player disconnects and expire after 48 minutes of online time. Prices stack up but not the timer.

Gameplay Balancing

  • Limited helicopter drive-by weapons
  • Reduced damage of some shotguns for weapon balance
  • Ammunation prices were overhauled to reflect the usefulness of weapons and attachments.

Police Officers - Increased Routine Patrol mission reward

Donating Players - Donating Players may now own a 3rd property.

Other Stuff:

  • You can now ignore inconvenient players with /ignore
  • Added Police Rules (/prules)
  • Added Vehicle Info (/vehinfo)
  • Firefighting bugs have been fixed
  • Many bug fixes

Complete Change Log
[CnR:NG Version 1.2 - Changelog - CnR:NG Forums]

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Its still in early development with features being added but with what they have so far you can see the potential, its not your generic Cops and Robbers server or another nopixel knockoff its something unique and its worth a look if you want some mindless fun :smiley:


I’m glad there is something else other than RP in the FiveM roster now.

If you want to embrace the criminal go rob some banks and sell drugs, get into a police chase then choose the criminal side.

Want to chill and do something on your 2nd monitor at the same time? You can farm, fish and truck.

Disgusting criminality doesn’t fit your fancy? Equip a night stick, jump in your T20 and arrest criminals.

Great server stability and community, tons of customization options.

Join CNR:NG!


Seemed fun the first couple of times, after a while you start meeting the noxious players at peak times. They have a working /report command but don’t expect anything from it, unless if you ask if there’s even an admin on, you’ll get a warning for miss-using the command right away.

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Hello Padisha,

Sorry to hear that you had this experience, our admins try their best to investigate every report that comes in, but depending on the amount of admins online and the amount of reports that come in, some reports do slip through the the cracks. That being said, we are reviewing the need to bring aboard new admins to help mitigate the issue.

Thank you for your comment.

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Started playing on the original SAMP server in late 2006 when I was like 11 years old, now it’s 2021 15 years later, the next generation of CnR has been born and I’m still playing with the some of the same people I did when I was a little kid. If that doesn’t say something about the uniqueness of not only the game mode/server but also the community that it has built, attracted and maintained over the years then I don’t know what else to tell you, I mean, I even met my CnR gang in real life lol. The CnR:NG developers are very interactive with the users and we regularly see player suggestions being implemented and updates to the version/server. The Original SAMP server regularly saw 400 players across 2 servers and I have no doubt as more features get added and our FiveM community grows we will see the same type of activity. ALSO, ITS NOT RP which is what I see a lot of FiveM users say most servers are, the game mode is extremely unique and once you understand the mechanics of the arrest system you can get in some pretty crazy fun chases and just plain stupid funny situations. Or if you just want to relax and hunt, sell items, cars, guns, be a hooker etc. you can do that too! By the time you’re reading this, there’s probably already more stuff added. Join the discord if you have any questions and you’ll find plenty of players with years of experience willing to help you get your feet wet. PS: When you first start playing, be sure to use /gas to call a mechanic to your location for free nitrous.

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