Community Pulse - October 2023 Edition

Hi everyone,

We’re happy to inform you that things are busier than ever over here, but we’ve got a lot to share in this month – some community questions to answer, some development updates and a lot more.

Questions about the Platform License Agreement (PLA)

After the release of our new Platform License Agreement last month, many of you had questions about some specific sections of the document. To provide as much clarity as possible, we’re going to answer the most common ones.

We removed all branded car badges from the real-world car models we use on our server – are we following the PLA restriction on third-party IP?

“De-badging” vehicles is a first good step but that alone does not mean your server is fully compliant with the PLA. You must fully remove all real-world vehicles from your server.

We cannot allow custom assets or mods that infringe third-party intellectual property (IP). Real-world brands, unique vehicle designs, and 3D software models are generally protectable under trademark or copyright. If you use a real-world car model pulled from another game without permission, that could result in claims against your server by both the car company (brand, logo, car design) or the game developer (3D model).

What can you use instead? We encourage the community to get creative – design your own unique vehicles and brands!

I heard that the updated PLA means Rockstar or Take-Two owns all User-Generated Content (UGC) on FiveM – is that true?

We understand there’s been confusion about Section 5.3 of the updated PLA, and we encourage everyone to read this Section for themselves. As you’ll see, it does not claim ownership of your original UGC. Rather, this Section ensures that we have broad permission under your rights — a license — so we can operate FiveM and RedM and promote content on the platform.

We need this license because operating FiveM requires us to copy and distribute your UGC, such as when you upload UGC to the asset escrow system or when players connect and download UGC assets from your server. All major UGC content platforms use similar licenses to allow for the operation and promotion of their platforms.

Can I import the map from GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption, or other games into my server?

No. FiveM and RedM are about creating your own custom version of the world in GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 respectively. We do not support combining IP or assets from other games into FiveM and RedM, regardless of whether developed by Rockstar or someone else.

Does the updated PLA require my server to use Tebex for ecommerce services?

Tebex has been our exclusive ecommerce partner for FiveM and RedM since 2021, and that relationship continues now that we are a part of Rockstar Games. In the coming weeks, we will be making a renewed push to ensure all servers that choose to monetize are using Tebex. If you haven’t already, find out more about their service on their website.

We are hiring!

We’re looking to expand the FiveM team!
Here are the two currently open positions:

Check out the Rockstar Games Careers website for a complete list of the current openings at Rockstar Games!

Development updates

Since joining the Rockstar Games team, our developers have been hard at work discussing, documenting and improving our processes for development tasks, both for our web services as well as our game clients.
We also defined a new process for us to review community contributions to public repositories, as well as new contribution guidelines that will be added to our public repositories and documentation website soon.

Since we’ve been working on finalizing our development processes, we do not have many changes to share today outside of a bunch of bugfixes and minor improvements.

Git Changelog


  • [380062596] fix(client-registry): remove temp net id from m_clientsByNetId when ‘joining’
  • [443585a02] feat(server): add DOES_PLAYER_EXIST native
  • [f64282c48] fix(native-decls): fix typo in return
  • [7bd589d75] fix(core/sbac): don’t try get dataLength if m_curBit is greater than m_maxBit


  • [c1af6de33] tweak(extra-natives/five): clamp index in SET_PED_COMBAT_ATTRIBUTES
  • [d2ef009b9] feat(core/rdr3): rage parser support
  • [96f493309] fix(scripting/rdr3): native registration overriding fix
  • [c9dcca42f] tweak(extra-natives/rdr3): clamp attribute index in SET_PED_COMBAT_ATTRIBUTES
  • [bffc46af5] fix(net/five): resolve 32-sized text/voice chat related array crashes
  • [e1c1721d9] fix(client/five): required entries for 2944.0
  • [41192d35c] fix(net/five): wrong object “created by” offset


  • [974489933] fix(gta-core-five): netblender vehicle crashfix
  • [e102f5fb8] fix(gta-core-five): NULL fwClipset deref in move tasks
  • [a77d3c5f7] fix(gta-core-five): CVehicle->VehicleIntelligence NULL check
  • [85a5ce561] fix(gta-net-five): fix desync crashes involving netobjheli’s with an invalid automobile model hash
  • [295117977] fix sig for IS_MODEL_HELI
  • [c2b33b4c1] fix(gta-net-five): Fix blimp desync
  • [be6154a99] tweak(gta-net-five): add more vehicle creation validation
  • [fc26c2836] tweak(gta-net-five): ignore automobile types for now
  • [4699c873f] tweak(client): get pureLevel numerically
  • [39993d8e9] tweak(net): changes for internal servers


  • [c1ae08879] tweak(scripting-mono-v2): bump pilot date


  • [1dcfeff94] feat(native-decls): Update
  • [466a0beb6] tweak(native-decls): Update GetPlayer* natives


  • [8e3986d76] update txAdmin submodule to v6.0.2
  • [b1689489b] fix(server): add check for SSSE3 instructions
  • [601ddf119] rebuild
  • [adcce24b1] fix(server): better SSSE3 check
  • [9844e27ba] fix(devtools): explicit ctor for microseconds
  • [c5b66b92a] tweak(streaming/five): annotate base game corruption errors
  • [067646401] tweak(client/core): more meddling for RGL crashes
  • [bc1ac1bfb] fix(client/five): null check for scripthandlermgr
  • [30e875c21] tweak(client): user agent for ROS calls
  • [01861ebe3] fix(client/launcher): make early-load DLL code actually work
  • [2e20e93a9] fix(ros): potential fixes for Steam RGL failure
  • [530bad46c] fix(ros): whoopsie with fmt::sprintf args
  • [50637e5dc] Revert “fix(client-registry): remove temp net id from m_clientsByNetId when ‘joining’”
  • [f6f39b53f] fix(resources/core): crash on invalid filename for profiler save/saveJSON
  • [ef98b48a3] tweak(build): submodule depth for linux builds
  • [70a6ee536] fix(server): DOES_PLAYER_EXIST with TempIDs
  • [c2fa9f8f9] fix(build): correct private branch for linux
  • [f6877c12b] fix(build): add proper Sentry projects
  • [a9d93d4d8] tweak(graphics/five): reshade 5.9+ check
  • [033b89fa3] tweak(build): [NFC] recategorize ‘server’ components in VS
  • [528c0aa77] fix(server): add resources_useSystemChat to pre-set list
  • [7d8981f9c] fix(natives/lua): OAL argument padding
  • [d24291cd0] rebuild
  • [81fd97f8e] fix(graphics/five): tweaked ReShade version check
  • [d83d89b53] fix(nui/core): handle Alt keys in NUI
  • [9df4e1ae5] fix(level-loader/five): no more city chunk if replacing map on b2699+
  • [3cf0eb34e] tweak(ros/accountid): EGS command-line blob string behavior


  • [3c4a85051] fix(extra-natives/five): relaxed entity fire id cleanup
  • [e52f43c27] feat(extra-natives/five): read current & next gear from correct offsets


  • [f23fa4039] tweak(client/launcher): cleanup EnumProcessModules hook


  • [2a4ffe191] fix(ext/cfx-ui): fully clip truncated text labels to avoid ghost scrollbar appearing
  • [955ec35fb] tweak(ext/cfx-ui): temporarily disable posting server reviews
  • [e06177c80] tweak(ext/cfx-ui): enforce TOS accepting
  • [fbde5056f] tweak(ext/cfx-ui): optimize top regional servers rendering
  • [0581ba1a5] fix(ext/cfx-ui): normalize search input the same way as searchable server name and description
  • [5723ac0fd] fix(ext/cfx-ui): in-place pdf rendering for TOS
  • [eff5e84f7] tweak(cicd): build staging tweak
  • [9057092ca] fix(ext/cfx-ui): update tooling
  • [4a1dc4c3d] fix(ext/cfx-ui): swap labels for cancel and dont ask again button in the auth flyout
  • [bbd84b150] tweak(ext/cfx-ui): always show topbar menu chat item
  • [fa47d13be] tweak(ext/cfx-ui): better handling of pure mode levels
  • [5321a7fe6] tweak(cicd): gci tooling swap
  • [e12a02ba0] tweak(client/launcher): migrate away from ipfs downloads for redm
  • [9bb323bc1] Revert “Merge pull request #2122 from glifem/cfx-ui-sorting-name”


  • [41e87c35b] feat(ext/cfx-ui): add a new server list sorting for relevant server name


  • [c5487fc24] fix(build-tools): rectify ulong → Vector3* code generation

Server-list changes on game clients

After feedback from the community, we decided to revert the changes made to the search feature on FiveM and RedM server list back in July. We are exploring ways to display relevant search results along with filtering and will keep you updated.

Improving RedM download speeds

As many of you know, downloading game files for RedM has historically been very slow, and for a good reason: we were using a peer-to-peer protocol called IPFS.
We have given RedM the same content delivery backend we use for FiveM, which is now available on the Canary channel and will be available for everyone on our next production release cycle!

Infrastructure update

Since the acquisition, our infrastructure team has been focused on significantly improving the resilience and overall stability of our services. For example, we’ve been migrating our infrastructure to more recent hardware and improved our alerting and monitoring capabilities, and we are happy to share our efforts led to great results: our uptime is now back to 99.9%!

Protecting our community – follow-up

After last month’s Pulse, we have received several hundreds of server reports in our compliance inbox – Thank you! We are assessing these reports and will start to process them shortly.

That’s a wrap for now - until next month! :mascot:


So, when can we expect the discord to have all it’s channels back? I’m surprised that wasn’t mentioned in this months Community Pulse.


It wasn’t mentioned because there still isn’t anything concrete to say about that. However, rest assured that the Discord server will be available again in the future, we’re just still exploring how to approach this.


When will more IP infringing content be removed? There is way more stuff than just cars, which seemingly is the only focus as of right now, and the only thing that is even talked about here. Besides the odd clothing piece or Nintendo content which got removed. I don’t think any other game publisher would appreciate it when their gun models are being sold somewhere else without their consent.


Thanks for the clarification. I know many people won’t like some of these changes with IRL brands, and other things but I believe it’s a step in the good direction, it allows creators to actually unleash they’re creativity rather than just copy and pasting the same thing within all servers.

Also, people shouldn’t get mad at basic copyright laws :upside_down_face: . They are forced to anyway.


So yall going to refund me the money for all the vehicles I bought on Tebex?


There’s quite a few good additions to FiveM awaiting approval on github, is there any particular timeline when those would be added?

These are just a few of the good additions awaiting approval especially the statebag filters is very much needed.

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What are the reasons for the channel closures? It wasn’t mentioned

I’d say this should be expected soon after this:


While I understand why this is being done it still sucks for all the car related servers, since all the custom maps from all the other games and cars we like are just gonna have to get removed, i guess its time to stop playing this xD


IP laws have existed forever, shame that human nature hates theft. :stuck_out_tongue:


I do think placec i know to play Freeroam server with alot of irl brand cars will shutdown if they got copyright, because most of freeroam server need that cars mod especially drift server :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Genuine question here, and I hope I’m not being a pest…

What about services like Patreon?
CFX themselves uses Patreon - is there a reason we cannot?


So, you decided to buy illegal (or at least unlicensed) content from someone other than cfx, and expect cfx to refund you?

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Can I use textures from rdr2 in my other RedM projects or is this also prohibited?

I don’t understand the commotion over the copyright stuff. It was always frowned upon in the first place, if outright not allowed because T2 has acted upon that in the past, even before the acquisition.

The only difference now is that it’s visible and explicit in the TOS that you can’t use copyrighted content in servers - especially now that it can be enforced more properly with Cfx being acquired. Before Cfx couldn’t moderate everything, now they have more resources for it so it’s explicit in the TOS.

Is the whole essence of FiveM for some really driving real life vehicles and drinking modded real life brands…?
Copyrighted material is frowned upon in every bigger live service game that allows UGC. Every single one. I’d say project maintainers and server owners usually don’t want to get flooded with DMCA’s or lawsuits, but that’s me!




There is a cool concept called reading!


It will kill any racing, drift, or freeroam servers that are using in real life brands vehicle because their players will asked them to put it in. Something like Skyline GTR always wanted by players on either freeroam & roleplay servers


Copyright law is copyright law. If a company owns the rights to that name and design, you, as an entity, do not have the right to use it.
Its abit like making scripts, if you make a script, you own the rights to it. Therefore, someone else cannot use your code, without permission from you (often in the form of licenses for code).