Community Update - June 2022 Edition

Hi everyone!
Can’t believe summer is here already! :sun_with_face:
Get your sunglasses ready, stay hydrated, and don’t forget to touch some grass! (or sand :beach_umbrella: )


Pure mode for servers

While modified client files weren’t seen as an issue in our early days as they could have legitimate uses (we’re a modification platform), they started to become a plague for a lot of servers due to players abusing them to gain unfair advantages over other players, especially in combat.

We’re happy to release an early prototype of ‘pure mode’ which servers can enable to try to prevent players who connect to their server from loading modified game files.
As this is a prototype, it should not be expected to have final functionality or be free of bugs yet.

There are currently two pure mode levels:

  • Level 1 (sets sv_pureLevel 1) - Block all modified client files except common audio files and known graphics mods*
  • Level 2 (sets sv_pureLevel 2) - Block all modified client files.

If modified files are installed in the FiveM folder, they will be ignored - if users however modified base game files, they will receive an error message telling them what file is modified.

We would be pleased to hear your feedback about it! Please also report any issue you might encounter with it.

*) Currently, only the ‘old’ style mod signing used by NVE is handled here - we’re looking into ways to handle this more cleanly using a PKI (public key infrastructure) as we finalize this feature.


We resolved a bunch of issues, from a memory leak in compressed textures to long-load failures due to Nvidia’s shaders cache, as well as a few security fixes to our scripting runtimes.

As usual, a detailed changelog is available here!


RedM has seen a couple of bug fixes, too!
Also, the game should now use less CPU time when idling in the main menu.

We’re seeing more and more RedM servers reaching higher and higher player counts thanks to OneSync, which is awesome! Huge thanks to our community for its incredible work and dedication.

Infrastructure reliability improvements

As you may know, we had a lower than usual uptime on our backend authentication service in April and May.
Some outages were due to large attacks, others were edge cases that weren’t expected to happen.
Fortunately, after a few headaches and short nights, we were able to deploy preventive measures and fixes to our infrastructure which significantly improved uptime. :slight_smile:

Keymaster has also seen a bunch of bug fixes for some rare cases of upload not failing/erroring correctly.

TOS Violation reports

We made a few changes to our internal workflow for handling said reports made either on or sent at [email protected].
This is a very time-demanding process as each ticket usually requires multiple thorough investigations & contact-phase throughout its lifetime. These changes should hopefully help improve resolution time.


Work is still ongoing on improving our documentation. Feeling anything is missing? Please let us know!
Contributions (and requests for new articles) are also welcomed on our documentation repository.

Twitter username change

We were recently able to remove our underscore from our Twitter username. You can now find us at!

Oh! We also got verified a few days prior to that :ballot_box_with_check:



Going to be trying out sets sv_pureLevel 1! Thanks CFX!

Update: Seems to work good so far, can confirm custom gun sounds do work & it stops unknown graphic mods (that users really love to install to have advantage of others shooting wise) :smiley:

  • Tested on Level 1.

Amazing work as always <3

love the pureLevel feature very useful to get rid of those pesky rule breakers


The only thing I can forsee being annoying is having to relaunch every time into pure mode. Just like gamebuild I think this “last option” needs to be remembered since I can forsee a majority of servers using it as its pretty rampant with the amount of clientside mod “cheats”.

Also QuantV is highly used as well for information.

Other than that looks great!


Give the option to some servers to have the ability to allow all packs because some players have fps problems.


Just don’t enable puremode?


Definitely a much needed feature, awesome work :slight_smile:


As the person above me has already stated, just don’t set sv_pureLevel until it moves away from the prototype stage (or you know, just request other graphics mods to be added).


Nice update, Amazing !

Please allow QuantV with pureLevel 1

Its a pretty known graphics mod that people use


Thanks for the update!

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no bro

Thank you for the sv_pureLevel feature. This will help a lot

You mean the same people that use graphic packs like this and then complain about “headaches”?

Lmao video got privated so here is another example

i really love the idea of the new pure mode and am super happy that the team took into consideration that an extremely large portion of players utilize, graphics mods, brighter emergency lights, and audio “mods” that make the experience on the platform that much better cause i can say with absolute certainty that if those features disappeared i wouldn’t wanna play because my game would look and sound unpleasant

we <3 you FiveM team keep up the good work!

Why does the transition from one game build to pure take place every time a player logs in to the server?

Is there a game build that I can put in the server start file, that it doesn’t have to transition every time?

@infinity-exhaust Thanks …


It’s not a ‘game build’ transition.

Because it doesn’t make sense to save the last state for this as it could lead to the user bricking their game entirely by modifying files after their last launch was in ‘pure’ mode.

Is the restart causing any issues?

Any chance in some launch parameters for the client, same way we can launch into a specific game build it would be cool to also launch into a specific pure mode :slight_smile:

Yeah, you can already do that in, say, your shortcuts (-pure_1 and -pure_2), just like -b2612 is a thing.


Great release!

No, no any issues … but it would be nice for players not to waste their time, when they log in to the server, or do a relog.

My start.bat have +set sv_enforceGameBuild 2372 ,my question is, does it exist some game bulid when server start, which is compatible with sets sv_pureLevel 2 in my server.cfg to avoid unnecessary transition?