Client Update (FiveM and RedM) for June 16th, 2022

An update to the platform (version 5658) has been released to the ‘production’ channel. This update applies to both FiveM and RedM, and includes a fair set of bug fixes and small features.

A summary of changes is provided below:

  • The profiler output data will now indicate garbage collection events for .NET scripts.
  • The version of Mono bundled with the client has been updated with some GC performance improvements.
  • Unneeded files from the R* SC SDK are no longer bundled with the initial client game storage download.
  • The client will now use NVAPI to set the dedicated GPU in the ‘disable shader cache’ profile that gets automatically created, which should fix laptops with older NVIDIA hybrid graphics setups getting ‘stuck in a small window’.
  • CfxCrashDump .zip files will now include the ‘crashometry’ which should make them more relevant for crashes such as the ‘Early-exit trap’ range.
  • FiveM: An early prototype of ‘pure’ mode is added, which allows servers to disable use of modified game files. We’ll provide more info on this in a future post, and it’s not finalized just yet, so we’d appreciate any feedback :slight_smile:
  • FiveM: More ‘arbitrary read’ issues in scripting APIs have been patched (for all scripting runtimes).
  • FiveM: The “script_rt” texture mitigation has been improved again to have less memory usage impact.
  • FiveM: The SHV compatibility API will now correctly recognize build 2612.
  • FiveM: A crash with the SHV compatibility API if creating a texture with an ANSI path has been fixed.
  • FiveM: The game should now correctly ignore “dlclist.xml”, “materials.dat”, “trains.meta” and other incompatible files placed in citizen/common/.
  • FxDK: The F8 console should now correctly handle key input.
  • FxDK: Additional mitigations have been added for the ‘keys getting stuck in game view’ issue.
  • RedM: The -rglLanguage command-line switch will work even for Steam-authenticated game licenses.
  • RedM: The settings directory is now split per build so that switching builds will not corrupt game settings.
  • RedM: Idle CPU usage in the main menu has been reduced.
  • RedM: Even when ‘uncleanly’ exiting (such as with quit), the game will still use the Vulkan/D3D12 pipeline cache file. This fixes the long black screen with progress bar on startup.