[BETA Release] VRP - LS Customs

This is a small modification, making the LS Customs work together with vRP.
The modification is currently just a beta as some things don’t work like excpected.

What works/Known Bugs?

  • Modifications get saved into and loaded from Database.
  • No payment just yet.
  • Neonlights, Screentints and other Wheels except Sport will currently NOT get saved.
    How do I get set up?
  1. Safty first, make a Backup of your Database and your vRP and LS Customs folder.
  2. Import the dump.sql into your database.
  3. Import the fix.sql into your Database.
  4. Replace the following files in vRP “modules/basic_garage.lua”, “client/basic_garage.lua”
  5. Replace the following files in Ls Customs “lscustoms.lua”, “lscustoms_server.lua”
  6. Enter your Database Credentials in “lscustoms_server.lua” Line 7.
  7. Don’t forget do but vRP and LS Customs do your server autoload script.

You can find all needed files at mit bitbucket:
VRP LS Customs


Just wanted to reply and say that this worked out well for my install. I didn’t have issues getting this working with vRP based off your instructions.

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Wow :open_mouth: this is amazing very good job, and only need to add prices :slight_smile:


The prices will added soon. Working on that :slight_smile:

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If it costs work but I encourage :), I know that all prices have to take from the database of vrp of each money of each character: P

Getting the money is not the problem ;). At the moment it is just a time problem because of my Job :wink:

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Is this stable for a populated server or is it worth waiting till this is more developed?

i did everything according to the steps above, but the vehicle mod´s don´t get stored in the sql database. Anyone know what i might have done wrong?

Does the console give you any error messages?
At first glance, it looks as if the sql dump is missing or the sql data is not entered in lscustoms_server.lua.

Btw. I’m a fan of your videos, which have brought me to my own server and scripts;)

If you ignore the familiar bugs and missing features, it seems to be stable. However, I could only test it on my own server, which has not too many users.

I have found a problem, the resource saves the vehicles in the database, but the textures do not save them well or something, I have several vehicles mod and I had to remove the lscustom but it does not load well the textures of the vehicles: S

What a shame that does not catch mod cars … very good job and I will not be able to use it :frowning:

Sorry about that, i just modified the original LS Customs Script from Artus to work together with vRP.

If and the work is a pass: D, but I have customs vehicles of the police … fbi … ems … and with that resource I do not load them :frowning:

LS customs should work with custom cars, I know it does with the original version. I’m going to test this tommorow and see if it works for me

Because me does not work, I’m loading the model but the textures are not the ones that have to be, instead I deactivate the resource and if

testing :slight_smile: very nice post

I will take a look, but no errors so far. SQL isn´t my cup of tea, but there are all the lines with -1 etc. for the modding parts in the .sql db. Also the server has no errors, but i will give it a new try today. Thaanks for the help! Whats the sql fix file for?

(Got it working, i missed to apply the fix.sql since its not written in the tutorial)

Please include it into your vRP Version :slight_smile:

Would you mind allowing forks on your bitbucket so if we find any fixes we can push them to our forks and you can pull them into your copy?

Possibly make this a good community project.

inject first the table
second inject fix work fines here, need only make vrp get money for the cost