Advanced Esx Developer with good experience

Hey man looking to see if you’re still looking for work message me at discord

looking for an esx developer to be our primary dev for my community. email [email protected]
discord coregang#5605

are you still available ?

If you’d contact me i have a few questions about having you correct some things on my esx server, ghosted rp. I’ve been trying to fix for a few days now and I can’t seem to get it. You can contact me here or on discord


Are you still looking for work? If so DM me. Vinnie C.#6197

Hi add my discord thank you Amtoje#9047

i hit you up on discord i’m needing a developer for my server as well

if you are still working on an advanced framework Dm me in discord ! RANDOMIZED#5915

i hit you up i’d like to learn and we can work together


I need some help with my SQL files and database.
Discord: Yato#5625

I am Back now just message me if anyone need my help

hey i got the perfect role for devs/owners/investors/ forum devs and many more check me out … Finex Network Program! LOOKING FOR ALL ROLES! - #2 by Tragiicc

dongdong#0857 thank you!

Hey I’m looking to add another developer for my server would you be interested?

If you are still available it would be greatly appreciated if you could hit me up on discord DomiGeez#4002 I’m looking for another person to help the team with my server

Can you contact me ? please
Discord : dongdong#0857

hi i am looking for some one to redo my sever its not that bad but not the way it should be i have had soooo many devs that i dnt know what to do any more i can not promote my sever or let any one play on it untill its dne the right way if u can get the job dne the right waqy plz lmk thank u

PM me on Forum and I will be available .

Open For New Contracts. (04-10-2021)

Do you have a discord?