Advanced Esx Developer with good experience

Hey there whats your discord?

Open for Short Contracts . (19-12-2021)


Are you still looking for some work? We have a ESX server we would like to build and need a available developer.

im starting a new city, looking to hire you. my discord is Nicholas Carmine#3262

Hit me up man wanna talk business


optimize some files for my five m server i work to much to do it now

Hey I have a client who is in need of a developer to work, the server isn’t fully launched so it will need some work to get started. It has bugs and a lot of issues now. My client has me as a backup dev (i’m learning). So i’d like to introduce you all so you all can talk business. I will follow up with a message.

I’m looking for Developer for my server please contact me at ⇝Uภkภ๏wภ gสmΐήg⇜#3838 thank you very much. the server is Esx

Available for new contracts . Send me a PM


Available for New Contracts