Advanced Esx Developer with good experience


I am Geeky Programmer and i have been roleplaying on FiveM for over 3 years now. Currently i am looking to share my knowledge and experience to Server Owners .

Actually I can work for a contract basis , which means I will help you with your server and after completing my work i will leave, I am not looking for a position , I am looking for work . I am willing to stay in contact overtime if that is what you would like, but I am not looking to stick to one community.

  • Esx
    • I am only an ESX Expert so i can create an esx server from scratch to please note that i stick within esx i wont do vrp or anyother frameworks

Having Over 3 years of roleplaying on FiveM I have gained lots of expierence.
I have gained over more than 1,000 hours in Source SDK Base (FiveM) and over 300 hours outside of the game managing very expensive Dedicated Servers, Compute Engines and Cloud Services . I have been in over 10 different communities .
Skills and Assets
I have a lot of skills when it comes to running, developing and managing FiveM servers, Cloud Servers and Dedicated servers.

  • In FiveM itself I can;
    • Create a FiveM server from scratch. (ESX and also non Esx but i preffer ESX)
    • Can Install Any Type of Resources or Pluggins that you request .
    • Configure and edit resources exactly to your liking and also can optimize it to reduce ram usage.
    • Make your server files look neat, organized and professional.
    • Convert mods and add-ons from third-party sites such as LCDPFR and GTA5 mods to FiveM resources.
    • I know both Configuring Linux and Windows Machine from the scratch
  • In Miscellaneous Skills I can
    • Manage A Vps Dedicated Server completely either linux or windows and also i am an expert in managing Zap Hosting servers
    • Will teach you basic things to add resources stop start and debug which i learned in 3 years.
    • I can Help you with tips that can run your server free for 3 to 4 months
    • I will provide you fast and quick response as soon as possible
    • Provide you with contacts that have benefits that I have gained over the years.
    • I can teach you to design custom vehicles and how to add them to your server
    • Provide custom coded scripts , assets and mlo .

Contact Information
*You can Contact me through Fivem only


Hi Anton,

My name is Camille Rose, I am an admin for a developing city named Slatt City RP. We are a new city in need of someone to help us polish our city up and bring it to its fullest potential if you would be so kind as to give me a message back that’d be amazing. My discord is camille#1919 or you can always reach out on here! Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Hey Anton!

I hosted a FiveM server from Zap Hosting, but I am brand new to it. So I could really use a helping hand if you don´t mind. I need help with setting different stuff up at the server.
Some of the things I need help with:
People are having trobles connecting to my server.
Adding different cars (+ putting them into a car dealership)
Adding admin menu and making sure I am the only one able to open it. (I did download a menu before, but everyone could use it)
I added you on Discord. My discord is: Hvilsom#2602

hello a pleasure we are creators of content on facebook and we are looking for good we already have the server a little advanced but we are going crazy with some things we need your help to finish our project the truth send you request discord
Raas # 8215

Hey man looking to see if you’re still looking for work message me at Nooch#4009

if you’re still looking for work please message me thanks Classy#9594

If you are looking for Work, VICDOJ is a new ESX Server who would love for you to be our ESX Developer, most of our DEVs don’t understand ESX and would love your help
Contact Distinct#8384 for further infomation
Have a good day!

This man does some good work Reccomend hm

He helped me to prevent lags and taught me how to use profiler record and resource monitor thank you man

how can i contact you?

I would love to get you on board.

My name its Webon i own a kind of famous five m server i will love to put you on board for my server. We have stuff already done we just need some stuff to fix. We have a really nice and friendly staff steam and community. HMU! if you are interested Webon#7507

Hello contact me frankpye#9706

i am also looking for a developer and players for my Server

Discord: Robin#0759

I am starting up an ESX server, would you mind helping me?

Discord: Goat#1059

Hello, I am a SOLO developer and creator of California Roleplay! I am in need of a new developer friend that is kind & smart.

Here is a link to our server for you to check out. California RP

If you like what you see then send me a message here and we can possibly begin to work together!

Thanks pal - Im 35 years old from USA!

Im apart of a three man team currently developing a server. I personally dont have any experience with javascript or lua, but one of the other owners has years of lua and javascript experience and he could always use the extra help.

If your interested join our discord here and message any of the three owners and maybe we can have a talk about you developing on our server.

We still looking for devs

its says you are not accepting no more friend requests my discord its Webon#7507