[ADDON][ESX] Inventory HUD - Vehicle trunk 2.4.0

This is an vehicle trunk addon for esx_inventoryhud. Original code was taken from esx_trunk modified by schwim0341.



  • Drag and drop
  • Black Money support
  • Weapons support
  • Fully configurable
  • Locale files included


Installation and download

Check https://github.com/Trsak/esx_inventoryhud_trunk


I cant wait to try this! Thank you!!

great job


does this replace the normal trunk inventory or is this just a ui replacement like before

This is complete trunk inventory resource.

i just saw you updated the original inventory hud should i update that for this to work?

Yes :wink:

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Making a New server and this came at the perfect timing your the best. ill make sure to find a place to credit you for the Inventory look and system


can you make it in one script so when ever i open inventory near my car it open both together .
also add on configure file option to remove dirty money

Amazing, can I ask a question, I know Schwim has updated this trunk to fix the bug where you can dupe guns by adding lets day an ak [250] bullets and then putting an ak [10] buttlets in the trunk, duping it. Is this fix in this update or not?

I will definetly download this beautiful ui, I thank you so much for this beautiful release and if that bug is in this download I will try to fix it for you :slight_smile:

Yet another awesome release. Thanks. This makes it very much appealing.

Did you update esx_inventoryhud?

just did as you typed it, forgot about it thanks!! mark my issue as solved! just brain fried from staying up late.

Noticed a lot of the things we use in game have no photo am i missing another part or do we need to add them ourselves

For me I’m getting that i don’t own the vehicle, what garage should you use for this because I’m using [ESX] KUANA_GARAGE 2.0
and I’m using esx_vehicleshop

fantastic work!

i’m using esx_advancedgarage https://github.com/HumanTree92/esx_advancedgarage works great.

@Trsak damn dude I requested this last night and boom its here +1000 props, I was 2 hours into trying to do this and checked to see its already done. I made 0 progress doing it btw.

Honestly another suggestion would be just to make this inventory system, like universal for ESX. (Being searched by players/cops, things like that.)

I just tried to use that garage still getting “you do not own this car”