24/7 Robbery [FREE] [ESX/QBCore]


Lation's 24/7 Robbery

Watch Preview (outdated): Watch lation_247robbery | Streamable
Download: GitHub - IamLation/lation_247robbery: A fun & unique 24/7 robbery script for FiveM


An engaging 24/7 robbery script for ESX, QBCore & QBox FiveM servers. Rob the registers, hack the computer for a security code & use that code to get access to the safe for even more money! Creating exciting quick-cash opportunities for your players is vital for any successful roleplay server! Includes cooldowns that restrict players from chain-robbing. If you fail hacking the computer too many times (configurable) you will fail the robbery and have to start over. If you try unlocking the safe unsuccessfully too many times (configurable) you will fail the robbery and have to start over. Every robbery will generate a new & unique “PIN” to unlock the safe. Furthermore, there is a small chance you can get lucky & find a note under the register that gives you the safe’s PIN and allows you to skip hacking the computer at all - giving the criminals an edge and buying themselves some much needed time before the police arrive! The chance to find the note is configured and/or could be disabled entirely.


  • Supports ESX, QBCore & QBox
  • Customizable Discord webhook logging
  • Highly detailed config file
  • Preconfigured for default 24/7 (Gabz 24/7 coords included)
  • Customize payouts to player (dirty money, cash, items, etc)
  • Require police presence in the city
  • Increase reward payout based on number of police in the city
  • Default support for cd_dispatch, ps-dispatch, qs-dispatch, linden_outlawalert & custom option
  • Default support for ox_lib, ESX, QBCore, okok, sd-notify notifications & custom option
  • Configurable cooldowns for registers & safes
  • Configurable max attempts at hacking and/or unlocking the safe
  • Customizable computer hack minigame (choose skillcheck or questionnaire)
  • If using questionnaire hack, ability to fully customize each question & answer
  • Ability to easily create unlimited questions if enabled
  • Easily customize skillcheck difficulty and inputs

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Thanks for share this nice product with community ! <3

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You’re welcome, enjoy!

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i see ox_inventory exports, without changes i can use it with qs-inventory or i need to edit the exports?

I’m unsure exactly since I’ve never used qs-inventory. Wouldn’t hurt to try! If qs-inventory offers backwards compatibility with ox exports then theoretically it would work without changes. If not, yeah you can just simply update those exports to qs-inventory ones and it should work just fine.

lation_247robbery - v.1.1.0 update

  • Removed ps-ui dependency
  • Added ox_lib skillcheck for computer hack by default
  • Fixed animation not playing while hacking the computer
  • Added ability to enable a “Questionnaire” hack instead of skillcheck for computer
  • Ability to completely customize the questions/answers for Questionnaire (if enabled in config)

New Preview (w/ Questionnaire feature): lation_247robbery v1.1.0
Download: Releases · IamLation/lation_247robbery · GitHub

Can you tell me how to use code script as keybind() instead of target(ox_target) please…

lation_247robbery - v1.1.2 update

  • Removed ESX dependency
  • Resource can now be used standalone
  • Provides optional support for ESX & QBCore for requiring police
  • Fixed cooldowns for registers & safes
  • Fixed distance checks

Download: GitHub - IamLation/lation_247robbery: A fun & unique 24/7 robbery script for FiveM

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lation_247robbery - v1.1.3 update

  • Removed ox_inventory dependency
  • Fully supports QBCore now
  • Now supports ox_target, qb-target & qtarget

Download: GitHub - IamLation/lation_247robbery: A fun & unique 24/7 robbery script for FiveM

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pretty cool!

Thanks <3

This script is fire. Gonna test it and probably will be added to my gamemode. Thank you very much for share it with the community.

Thank you! Enjoy <3

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is there police alerts for this script?

Hey! Doesn’t come with any default support for the popular dispatches, but you can easily add your police dispatch system into it! For example, in the client.lua file I’ve included notes where you should add it, if desired:

bet thx man

Update v1.1.6

  • Default dispatch support for: ‘cd_dispatch’, ‘linden_outlawalert’, ‘ps-dispatch’, ‘qs-dispatch’

A log system with webhooks would be amazing! Ty for the script btw!

Noted :slight_smile: & thanks, you’re welcome!

i tried this script and for some reason even though i had lock picks it didnt work on the cash register and it never even tried on computer and safe… looks like an amazing script but its not working for me for some reason… it just uses up the lock pick