Pawn Shop [FREE] [ESX/QBCore/QBox]

Pawn Shop

A modern Pawn Shop/Sell Shop script for ESX, QBCore & QBox frameworks built for ox_inventory! Provide your players a more interactive experience by getting rid of context menu’s and enjoy a simple & clean drag-and-drop to a secondary inventory to sell an item.



  • Supports ESX, QBCore & QBox
  • Choose between using target or TextUI
  • Discord webhook logging optional
  • Create an unlimited amount of shops
  • Customize what items can be sold where
  • Set what time the shops are available
  • Choose to spawn a ped or not per shop
  • Customize payout per shop (cash, bank, dirty)
  • Choose between displaying placeholder items or not
  • Choose to display a blip or not per shop
  • Customize shop sizes (slots) and weight limits

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Is this different than the default qb-pawnshop at GitHub - qbcore-framework/qb-pawnshop: Pawn Shop For QB-Core or GitHub - i-kulgu/qb-pawnshop? If so, may I ask what’s different about it? This seems like the same as the existing qb-pawnshop but I don’t have too much experience with the existing qb-pawnshop.

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Hey, depends what you consider “different” - for example, both your pawnshop links are scripts you can use to sell items, so functionally speaking they are the same. However, where my script differs is mentioned in the description:

Provide your players a more interactive experience by getting rid of context menu’s and enjoy a simple & clean drag-and-drop to a secondary inventory to sell an item.”

Most free pawn shops I see use context menus, there’s a plethora of them. A member in my Discord mentioned how they wish they could find a pawn shop script for ox_inventory where its not just a context menu but rather utilizes a secondary inventory to drag and drop an item to sell as opposed to the typical context menu. Numerous other members liked the idea, so 24 hours later this simple free script was posted.

So, is it the same as in they accomplish the same goal? Absolutely. It’s just a more enjoyable way to do it for ox_inventory users specifically!

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I gotcha. Sorry, I was genuinely confused. I appreciate the response. That makes sense. Especially speaking as an ox_inventory user myself… I’m not a big fan of the context menu’s either. It would be nice if there could be some sort of context text for the player when they open the pawnshop in this, where when the shop opens, it has large white text at the top that says “Pawn Shop - Drag items over to sell or buy”. Something that tells the player they can sell that way. Just trying to think of a way to further enhance the user experience and make it a little more clear.

I also found a player owned pawnshop script on this site but it doesn’t mention anything about ox inventory unfortunately. That’s the pain about using ox inventory is that you have to custom convert a lot of scripts if you want to use them.

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Hahah all good! Yeah this is certainly an improvement over the context menu way of selling. As for a way to direct players to drag the items over, you could just take the route of adding a notification to instruct the player to do that upon opening the shop - alternatively could even add it into the shop name so it displays right above the secondary inventory besides the shop name itself, few different ways you can try to direct the player if needed!

And hm, I don’t come across that issue to often to be honest, I feel like a majority of script creators at this point provide default support for ox_inventory. For example, all my scripts support ox_inventory but don’t explicitly mention it - maybe that’s why. :thinking:

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Just what I was looking for. I have a little project Qbox project I am working on. This is what it needs.

Perfect! Hope you enjoy <3

Great Release, Good job :grinning: