[ZO][Archived] Zombie Outbreak Framework

Zombie Outbreak V 0.7.2

Zombie Outbreak is a Zombie Surival RPG Framework, you will must survive and fight against hordes of zombies to ensure your survival.

Demo video



  • Synchronized zombies
  • Vehicles abandoned
  • Safe zones
  • Identity creation
  • Character creation
  • Inventory system
  • Loot system


How install

Well, just follow this simple steps here


Take a look at Wiki


Copyright © 2020 Matías Salas.

Zombie Outbreak Framework is a community project, you legal permission to copy, distribute and/or modify it only if you have forked this repository, If it’s not a forked repo, then the release will be taken down by DMCA request.


Nice release! Just Add some mapping files and make that Framework better than better <3

i made a txadmin recipe if anyone wants to install this with one click! txAdmin-recipes/zombie at main · Hamy-os/txAdmin-recipes · GitHub

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Seem to be having an issue when dying, characters respawn before pressing E and spawn as a random ped in a random location. When rejoining it does return the correct character , but is required after any death.

I’ve tried to deploy this via recipe from @SaltySea and ran into a few issues :

  • Using FXServer 3372 on Debian 9, deploying fails with mysql error:

BLOB/TEXT column ‘Inventory’ can’t have a default value

  • Using FXServer 3372 on Ubuntu 20.04 deploying succeeds (also it doesn’t seem to add database password I specify in txadmin deployer into the server.cfg - had to do it manually) and server works, but I can’t submit the character info - button doesn’t do anything.
    In NUI DevTools the request is marked as failed.

This is Sick wtf

looking into it rn! will reply once fixed

Same issue here. Currently can’t find a way to fix it

dont set a password using txadmin for now

How can i add weapon to loot? i try this and dont work: Config.Loot = {
Items = {},
Clothes = {
Weapons = {



EDIT: Just add weapon in sql table

Remove STRICT_TRANS_TABLES from your sql_mode


Excellent work

When two players play, the second player is knocked out. When he gets on a police motorcycle sometimes in a car. When one by one everything is ok.

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You can create a issue on github for give more details and help you?
that is extremely rare and as it affects gameplay it should be resolved immediately

ạn hãy xoá thư mục [ gamemode ]

It all seems fine ill use this to develop my next project, perfect.

How do I transform the inventory system so it works on esx?

Thanks for your time

When I write the command giveweapon on the user console(My group is admin), it gives me a error saying:

self.Identifier = function()
        local Identifier
        for k, v in ipairs(GetPlayerIdentifiers(self.Source)) do
            if string.match(v, GlobalConfig.Identifier) then #but here in the code he is looking for license:identifier in the database
                Identifier = v
                return Identifier

self.GetGroup = function()
        local identifier = self.Identifier()
        local Data
        Database.ExecuteSelectQuery("SELECT `group` FROM users WHERE identifier = @identifier", {
            ["@identifier"] = identifier
        }, function(Result)
            Data = Result[1]["group"] #This is the line 75
        while Data == nil do Wait(0) end
        return Data

whope you can help me

Hello weapons and money works but when i loot item i dont get notification or the item
Console says:
gta-straming-five GetNetworkObject: no object by ID 0

Most problems you solve by adding this sql to your database zoweapons_1 (2).sql (6.4 KB)

to add weapons as drop, just add the name of the weapons in
Modules\Core\Plague\Data\ config .lua