[ZO][Archived] Zombie Outbreak Framework

The version at that time wasn’t completely finished. Try and reinstall the new version :slight_smile:

Know how to fix this

Any plans to update this

Good afternoon, I wanted to ask you how the money system works, because I only see that it is in the SQL but when I loot zombies it doesn’t give me money and I don’t know where to change that parameter.

Love the script, best zombie framework I’ve found so far. Where can I remove the blips from cars, and change the initial spawn location? If you have a discord, I would gladly join it if it’s easier for you. Thanks for sharing this!

Is this ESX compatible? I added it to my current server. when i try to join my server i get all kinds of errors. idk how to fix it.


I’m encountering this issue when joining the my server.

Hopefully I just messed something up somehow but any help would be appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

got everything to load in okay but, I seem to have an issue with the zombies just not spawning? no errors and the script is working cuz of the safe zones are showing and UI. but just no zombies, anything that needs to be configured or changed or anyone know a fix?

EDIT: If you have any AI controllers or reducing scripts or AI off remove them or re-enable AI. The script itself will disable AI and zombies will spawn