WYLDFIRE RP 🔥 THRIVING Community | Best RP You'll Find. Active LEO / DOJ / EMS

Come check out this amazing server for a fun night of RP!!!

Come join us for a fun Thursday night in an awesome city!

Brilliant community!

Another fantastic night in wyldfire to catch some scriminals!!

Looking for a fun city to be in. Staff is quick to respond to issues and always trying to make the city better. Highly recommend this city if you want one that has a lot of good players. If anyone new comes in a lot of people would stop what their doing just to show them around. City is still improving and his 50 players so there is no shortage of interactions.

Come join us for a fun Monday night of RP!!

Come enjoy a fun Tuesday night when an amazing community and great group of staff that have made this the most enjoyable place to RP!

Come join for a fun Friday night of RP!

DOJ in full swing! Looking to expand more EMS, as well as BCSO and Game Wardens, a wonderful large LSPD already in full swing!