Working EAS for fivem!

Basic EAS script for fivem The script is easy to setup and almost just drag and drop

Download Here

To setup the script drag it into a folder and edit the server_config.lua file and add as many departments as you want You can also edit the sound volume and the time it should show up in the config.lua file!

Base for the script was Emergency Alert System (a.k.a Ear Assault System) Just updated it since it didnt work for some servers and mine



How can I increase the amount of time the alert is displayed for?
Also, don’t know if it is just me or not, but the departments config does not work. I added my own departments correctly to the server config and none of the codes change the name of the department in the alert.

The work around i found made for the original script made the departments thingy broken but if you download the newest update there should be a timer in config.lua for the amount of time you want it to show and the departments should be fixed. Sorry for the wait the script kept crashing while i was trying to update it

not sure what you did, but the original script works fine for me

I made a tiny bit of modification to it, like converting it to RegisterCommand instead of the old chat command version, but other than that the fxmanifest but that’s it, it works perfectly for me. I even integrated my discontinued tornado script into it on the last few updates.

doesnt work for i put /alert then USGVT and enter
doenst do anything

How do I go about installing this? I’m asking because when I get it ingame, it mentions an error message that says “isadmin” and some other stuff