[ESX] ULTRA Real Life Parking - Optimized


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Video URL: [ESX] ULTRA Real Life Parking - Optimized - FIVEM

This parking system will give your server an incredible touch of reality. Users will be able to see parked vehicles (No more despawn or vehicles that come out of nowhere). You wonder, but is this going to blow up my server? Actually NO, the script is completely optimized and makes use of PolyZones to generate the parking areas, you can also configure the rendering distance of these vehicles, that is, you will only see them if you are at a certain distance (you choose) from the parking area.

The script allows you to have free or toll parking areas. This script includes a couple of free extra scripts like vehicle lock and traditional parking that are 100% compatible with this script. This script works with LegacyFuel!

This script is very easy to install, you just have to make a couple of updates to your database to save the data generated by the script and that’s it! If you have doubts with the installation you can contact me and I will gladly help you

Tired of users not respecting your parking areas? Tired of being able to easily retrieve the vehicle at any point? Now it also includes the IMPOUND system !!!

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Is it possible to add the animation of the player by opening the door and leaving the vehicle? Instead of the spawn player on top of the vehicle? hahahhaa If you have, I find it interesting and I will buy

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yeah this is amazingly crazy, but as Kiko said would be cool to have a opening door animation

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whats the difference to this one?


I just added the animation, WHAT A GOOD IDEA FRIEND! Thanks. The file is already updated in TEBEX store.

This is a completely different script in terms of the code, it uses PolyZones, pNotify, it is completely optimized, the vehicles are not duplicated and it also has its own impound system.

Looks really good! Can i create my parking areas? Like personal ones?

Yep, it works with PolyZones, you can add your customs parking areas at parkings.lua file.
Like this:

parking382 = {
    name   = "Public Parking 382",
    blipName = _U('public_parking'),
    fee    = 8000,
    entrances  = {
      vector3(-279.25, -890.39, 30.08)
    maxcar = 100,
    zone = PolyZone:Create({
      vector2(-363.97412109375, -872.61242675781),
      vector2(-364.0071105957, -969.91284179688),
      vector2(-296.05456542969, -994.67736816406),
      vector2(-290.4270324707, -977.08093261719),
      vector2(-283.4645690918, -924.81988525391),
      vector2(-269.30850219727, -887.85803222656),
      vector2(-345.55624389648, -871.81787109375)
    }, {
      minZ = 30.0,
      maxZ = 35.0,

Hey, i have a few suggestions for the script if they are possible!!!

1st would it be possible to make it where you can set up a thing for job vehicles where they can be assigned to someone and have to be checked in and out like for police officers have it where you already have the vehicles spawned at the stations and officers can just check them out and check them back in at the end of the shift?

Lastly would be possible to have some feature in that would allow other civs to be able to lockpick the vehicle and steal and somehow be able to store it like its there own vehicle even tho its stolen because that would add more rp capabilities with this script as well

really cool and I think there is so much room to expand nice work!

Thx for the good work. What happen if i don’t park my vehicle and the server restart ?

My last doubt is this, how the server behaves with the server restart.

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If you dont park your car, the car will be lost, but you can recover it with the recover points that you can configure at mg_eden_garage included.

So does it mean that if the car is parked in one of the polyzones when the server restarts it remains there? right?

Yep, if you park inside the polyzones the car would be here after restart, but if you dont park in poly zones, the car would be at the recover point (menu)

Is it blocked by ip or obfuscated?

nope, no restriction or encryption

Hi, today i purchased and installed this script on a fresh PlumeESX Server, using the pNotify and polyzone scripts provided with the main script.

The parking spot is shown, it despawns NPC cars and i can enter with my owned car.
But when I try to park it however, there is no “Press E to park” trigger like in your video.

When impounding the vehicle, the mask to put in the fee/reason etc. is not shown.
Also impounded vehicles do not show up in the impounded_vehicles DB.

When inspecting the car via the police menu, also the owner is not shown due to the owners ID (varchar40, standard value from fresh install) not fitting into the identifier (varchar25) suggested for the owned_vehicles.owner in the provided .sql.

If I enter the plate and identifier (varchar40) manually into the impounded_vehicles DB I can get the car from the police warehouse.

Did I miss some dependencies or do I need to do something else before starting the script?

I will contact you by DM to check your case, i can do a custom install throught screenshare call.

Thank you for helping me to sort this out :slight_smile:
Issue resolved, Tebex provided me an outdated version.

Works like a charm now :grinning: :+1:

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