[WIP] DM, Race, Juggernout and other stuff

Need testers and translators for big open source project for public release with competition gamemode.


  1. Multilanguage - ru/eng/fr/spanish and etc.
  2. Most of competitions from gta:o like collectors, juggernout, tdm and my faworite mode - entourage (the best gta:o mode i may add)
  3. Web stats with K/D, scores and etc.
  4. Project for public release, because we got a lot of rp and no one competition mods.
  5. Competition mods editor for simple dm and tdm creation

I need:

  1. Testers
  2. Translators
  3. Developers are not needed, but some help would be great.


Login / Register via MySql done. - 100%
Character editor done. - 100%
DM mode done. - 100%
Web stats - 50%


  1. @Mikeeh - tester
  2. @Dante.K - tester
  3. @NAGATORICH - tester
  4. @grahamgarn - tester
  5. @ProtoFate - tester

Neat! @0x420 was working on a TDM and race game type importing jobs from GTA:O recently, and a server list UI change has been proposed to make the RP servers less… spammy.

I can be a tester. Can’t wait to see more gamemodes other than RP or drifting.

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You are welcome. My skype is: harver-trane
Discord id #0202

What’s your discord username though?

You can find me in fivem chat

If you need a tester i could be

I can be a tester, why not?

P.S.: I in addition to tester can be a translator.

I could be a tester as well :wink:

would love to be a tester if possible

Is the testing server going to be available soon?

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Yeah. I let you know.
Unfortunately i am still on work…

For now we have problems with internet connection, but alpha release is ready to go.
Test and open code soon.


Some news at 17 april 2017.
Auto-saving system ready.
Character editor ready.
Basic inventory ready.
Deathmatch lobby ready.
Sorry for silence. I got some problems IRL.

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if you search translator, i can make the french translation if you want

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@InsaneHk, thanks. But firstly i need russian to english tranlator. But if you can understand my english i will give you some texts.

as you want. :slight_smile:

Plans changed.
It will be a basic freeroam mode with competitions included. So players can invite other players in dm, race or whatever. Player cuztomization, house/garage system and vehicle tuning in high priority.
Also there will be classic freemode challenges. Like high speed, under bridge flying and etc.
You can use it as basic roleplay mode with money and inventory system also.
Please note, it will be a module-based gamemode, so you can include everything you want at any time.


Hey, if you want i can translate to french!

is it released or not ?