Windows or Linux? FiveM hosting and a TS!

Hey everyone! Quick little question. For hosting a FiveM server, would I want a linux or Windows VPS. I understand Linux is far more difficult to get set up, however I cannot find any Windows VPS. Any help is amazing.


Windows is more supported by FiveM so I would suggest Windows

Yes, but Windows is shit… Easy to hack, low optimalization etc. I have linux and have forum, CSGO server, ts3 server and fivem 128slot server… Every thing is perfect.

For now. Like @TheIndra stated, FiveM begrudgingly releases linux artifacts when absolutely necessary( we only started seeing new artifacts after the last huge server crashing exploit, prior to that, it had been months) and will happily tell you you’re out of luck if you’re on linux and trying to track down trouble resources due to the tracing software not being available for it and no other method being available.

I use linux for my servers but only because it’s what I’m most comfortable using, with the way it gets treated by FiveM, I would never suggest it to others.

Yes i was have problem with random crash but i install new fxserver version and problem is gone. Linux is much simple then windows. The lack of optimization of the server operation on Linux by the developers only proves their “knowledge” of programming.

Anyway. Linux will be a much better solution in general but if you are going to give it only FivemM and have a lot of support from the developers then take Windows.

The more people that start using Linux (as they should) to host FiveM servers, the faster they start supporting the OS they should…
But what do we expect when all kids with absolutly 0 knowledge can make their own server…

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Thanks everyone who has responded. Does anyone know a free way to learn to use linux? I know windows well, but in the future it’s likely ill be hosting other things. Thanks ya’ll.

That’s not how it works. Linux is not a supported system due to inherent limitations in the design of GNU/Linux distributions that Windows simply does not have.

If you’re comfortable around learning to use a dashboard, MS Azure, Google Cloud and AWS all offer free tiers. Some offer more than others. The only downside (which is an upside for serious projects) is that you’ll have to learn how to use their control panel to setup your security permissions for network traffic on the FiveM ports.

This was a limiting factor for me. The AWS management system was too confusing for me to make use of.

Support for 1 particular distro would be nice… Ubuntu/Debian for example and they will cover quite a lot of Linux servers…
Running a Windows KVM on my Debian would be quite the hassle just for 1 game…
My other gameservers (like CS:GO, Ark and MineCraft) work perfectly fine on Linux…

? Every single x64 Linux distro is supported. Well, supported in the sense that the artifacts that do exist run on every single Linux distro

Even one distribution (which is also generally outdated, and would not suffice for building or running FXS without system-wide changes to library versions) would not fix some issues inherent in that design.

Are any of the three written in modern C++17/C++2a? If not, it’s not a valid point of reference.

On Windows, it is trivial to use modern compilers since all runtimes get bundled with the application, and the dynamic loader is actually sane, and so is signal handling. On GNU/Linux, the compilers and runtimes are installed system-wide, it’s nearly impossible to bundle a newer version with an application without upgrading them for the entire system, the dynamic loader is a weird design from the 1970s, and signal handling is completely broken (for similar reasons dating to the 1970s) especially if multiple dependent libraries need to chain signal handlers (like Mono and V8) as then all hell breaks loose.

It is a miracle that the current Linux builds even compile and run nearly-universally, except due to even more issues with how Linux systems work there’s no way to diagnose, profile or resolve any issues occurring in them on live systems.


Seriously Bruh , I am hosting 2 fivem server , teamspeak server , minecraft server , websites , CitizenMP Server-, Discord Bots

16GB 4 CORE Windows Server
And I Run 64 slot at a time and i am not facing any kind of Dsync Issues Till now , If u think about optimization is bad then probably they way you make the server also matters

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