Web administration and cfx.re/Project Nucleus

As some of you may have already noticed, the latest Windows server builds include mentions of the Nucleus project upon launching your server, somewhat similar to this:

This URL is, generally, a TLS-using :lock: reverse proxy to your server’s IP/port, based on your unique license key.

This system will be used for a lot of cool features in the future, including completely reworking the way you set up servers to be a lot simpler and easy to do, but at this time, the main thing you get is a web administration panel (oh, and you can use the host name to connect to your server!).

If you click the “Login” button on the top right, you get a few more features:

Login types

(to enable Steam/FiveM authentication, you’ll have to grant ACEs to users - built-in ACE management and a list of all ACEs will come soon! the key owner FiveM account will usually have access already)

Kick button

IP display

Resource management

(this’ll be a lot cooler once FXPorts ships!)

Live server console output

(no input in the current version, hopefully coming soon!)

A logout menu


Quite important.


We’re intending to add a few interesting features, such as:

  • Initial server provisioning.
  • Watchdog support.
  • Event/hook integration to allow resources to add features to the admin panel.
  • Client console/error reporting to servers.
  • Some sort of persistent metrics?
  • Configuration editor.
  • ACL permission editor with persistence!
  • Support for easily discovering all servers you have access to manage. (switch between server panels with a single click)
  • Perhaps lots more. :man_shrugging:
  • Your suggestions and PRs!

sounds good

Nice Work

Wow okay, this is gold.
Do you have any idea when it will come for linux ?

Linux builds will return when we get our Alpine build machine back up, which is uncertain when. We’re intending to have this be included by then, however. :slightly_smiling_face:


Love it. Keep up the good work!


Interesting, looks pretty similar to the same “Web Administration Panel” already released here on the forums. https://github.com/tabarra/txAdmin (heres the github). Can’t wait for the linux builds though. Should be fun. Is this running off of NodeJS?


This looks very interesting. Can’t wait to see it

How do I get access to this panel?

Well an easy way that i found was if you have the latest server build and you get that cfx.re msg in your cmd window then it will give a link and you can just copy and paste it on the web and log into it.

I agree with @NotBootium This is very similar to Tabarra’s txAdmin panel. I am pretty happy with his project but this would also be a nice feature for all those who are less informed about how servers work. Very noob friendly! Great Job yet again FiveM :slight_smile:

I am going to monitor this project but I too like @tabarra’s txAdmin panel as well.

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Found a bug. At the top right where avatar located it uses a wrong link. It uses ‘user_avatar/forum.fivem.net/reloadedboss/128/44678_2.png’ instead of ‘https://forum.cfx.re/user_avatar/forum.fivem.net/reloadedboss/128/44678_2.png’ so image can’t be displayed when I am logged in.


Ah. It indeed seems that sometimes the forums return a relative avatar URL, when at other times they return an absolute URL.

Thanks for the report!


the problem is that I can’t access the link that appears to me in cmd

Does it not allow you to copy it and then paste it in firefox or chrome or what ever you use for a web browser? And it should be the link that says you name it it so say mine is something like godhatesme(somerandomstuffhere).cfx.re or if that don’t let you then make just try cfx.re in web and see if that works. If it does then sign in and you can register using your steam or FiveM it’s self

Edit: I’m not sure if cfx.re is an actual domain so i may be wrong about that part.

the page is not working

you have to use your serverip:port on the web or if you are local http://localhost:30120/webadmin/