Weapon storage - All Frameworks / Inventories

Little showcase of the next update:

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New update:

  • Added configurator /createGunRack
  • Added wall rack :
    • automatic weapon positioning from top left to right bottom
    • automatic spawn of supports
    • resizable

Showcase of the wall rack :

$15 bucks, this update is massive.
I was on the fence about purchasing prior, def gonna cop it now.
This is Epic.

Do gun attachments show?
Do add on weapons work, easy to setup? or only in game weapons?

Lastly the inventory functions are open, does this include metadata that may be attached to the weapons?

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Thanks !

  • Weapon attachments & tint are show and sync between player (of course).

  • Add-on weapons works and you have nothing to setup.

  • All frameworks/inventory functions are opened. That’s included how remove item, give item, how metadata works, …

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Showcase of the next :
A new compact gunrack with size modifier.

be cool to see, racks be useable items? So instead of a admin command, could be sold from a store/gunshop?

I have to think about that. I didn’t sell many of it, so I have to manage my time on this script.

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open escrow available?

Yes, you have the link in my tebex :wink:

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I might DM having some troubles with the escrow trying to get it configured

You can open a ticket in my d*****. The link is on my store.

New update online !


Bug fixes:

  • [ESX] Fixed owner of weapons
  • Fixed un-targetable add-on weapons

New update:

really need this as an item or atlease compatible with furniture


Insane, qs-inventory and qtarget compatibility for this and I would pick it up for sure.

It’s already compatible :wink:

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Dude I don’t know how I did not see this! the heck haha my bad I am late on this reply but I am picking it up now! thank you and in the future if it became usable as an item that would make it even better

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