We are looking for a SERIOUS RP Server

Hello FiveM Community, Server Owners and Players of good taste.

As the representative of a group of 7 people who usually and hopefully also in the future, too tend to play together as a very authentic, detailed and strict Italian crime organization I am today hoping to have someone find us instead if us having to find “the server”.
There is too many servers out there right now claiming serious roleplay but then you get on the server and everybody just breaks character at every given chance.
We are looking to a real serious roleplay server with nice features, an active community, no pay to win (No weapons or drugs for real money).

Also we know that there’s a high trend in servers that play serious RP but are mainly based on the RP between street gangs, mostly Afro American origin. If you want to suggest one of these servers, please be a server owner with the intention of including us for something specific into your server, as we don’t want to play an organization on the scale we do between gangs but then we have to grow our own weed in the backyard and drive on bicycles selling drugs to peds.

To anyone that is still here finding themselves not excluded by prior mentioned things, feel free to show us your server. Please name is the average player count on the server during week days on prime time in your reply.

Optional you can add me on Discord - 4sgar

With kindest regards,
Asgar and the rest of the pack.

Good day Asgarr,

FINAL RP invites you to be apart of our small and committed community. We’re a dedicated rp server and I wish for you to give us a try. Our PD carries themselves at a professional level along with other state organizations! The gangs will RP with you extremely well. We have drug warehouses, heists and more.

Hello! Bitpix has just opened up and would be a great time to start and develop the stories you wish to create in a city, we have alot of stuff to do from crime to PD, EMS and a fire department!

https://youtu.be/VbJbLLCxMsw < Our launch trailer

Bitpix 2.0 < Our discord link

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We are all about realism, starting from the prices of items that you buy… We don’t like seeing people pay $100 for a burger and fries. All I can ask is you check out the forum post and then you can decide for yourselves. We are in need of citizens and government employees alike.

Looking for a new server? Nitro Roleplay is launching friday 4/5/24 at 6PM EST! We are looking for ems/pd! We are no pixel inspired server, and we are TOS compliant with everything! come check it out!


Are yall still looking for a home?

Hey there!

If you’re looking to establish yourself in a Serious Server where you can leave your mark, consider checking out Blue Valor Roleplay!

We are working hard to create a Life/Economy Server that benefits new and experienced players
Come on by and check us out:

Come check out Auspire Roleplay! We are vMenu, with a lot of custom features!

Public Discord