🌍 VeraCity Roleplay 18+ | Immersive Roleplay | Realistic Economy | For The Community, Made By The Community


  • Serious with freedom in mind. We allow players from all over the world to roleplay and interact with others. VeraCity staff have worked countless hours into giving players the ability to do what they can in VeraCity. Staff continues to fix any bugs and add more things to do in VeraCity.

  • We got tired of servers being unbalanced with criminals running the city and cops being able to restrict others with roleplay. We want every aspect of VeraCity to come as close to its real life counterpart. Criminals will have choices to make that will greatly impact their own life and longer jail/prison sentences. Law Enforcement have to follow policy and are held accountable when faced with consequences. Civilians are a big part of the city. Not everyone has to be on the side of criminal or law enforcement. There is much more RP involved with musicians, store owners, and even hobos within the city.


  • ➤ NO P2P. Request to start new gangs, motorcycle clubs, and businesses free of charge.
    ➤ Realistic Economy. You don’t spend $100 for a burger and a drink!
    ➤ Player Owned businesses such as Burger Shot, Paxton Motorsports, Pearls Seafood, White Widow, and Vanilla Unicorn is looking for employees!
    ➤ Plenty of High Quality MLOS!
    ➤ Custom EUP selection for men. Females have a lot more freedom in picking body type and clothing!
    ➤ Criminal Activities involve washing money, chopping vehicles, gang activity, cocaine, and heroin producing/selling (more to come!)
    ➤ Realistic vehicle and handling speeds
    ➤ Whitelisted Jobs. Job Maximum for each character! - Unique jobs like Private Armed Security
    ➤ Multiple LE Department compatible. Currently only Blaine County Sheriffs Office. (We plan to have VeraCity Police Department and San Andreas Highway Patrol. Game Warden is attached to BCSO with their own MLO!)
    ➤ High need for employees and first responders!
    ➤ Moderate need for staff (You must be in the community for a length of time and obviously play in the city!)
    ➤ Casino and extra activities. Including: Basketball, Pool, Themepark, and Drag Racing!
    ➤ Import vehicles, giveaways, and 1of1 opportunities!


  • QB-CORE: We run on the qbcore framework (currently the old version) We continue to work on a qbox framework as we wait for more resources to come out for it.
  • Server-side Graphics: No extra graphic packs needed. We cover lighting and visuals!
  • No 3rd party programs or applications: No extra VOIP plugins or keeping extra windows open. Apply, get accepted, and fly into the city!
  • BCS HOUSING: We use BCS Housing which allows us to use shell, ipl, and mlo for housing! We have realtors ready to let you check out some properties for sale!
  • VEHICLE PARKING: We use a dynamic system for parking. No extra steps required. Where you leave your vehicle is where it will be when the server restarts. If you don’t want to leave it out, you can park it in your housing garage or in public parking.
  • TOWED VEHICLES: If a vehicle is towed and not impounded (or a vehicle is involved in an investigation), a towing employee will place a wheel lock on the vehicle at the tow yard!
  • 24/7 Uptime (cfx permitted): We restart at 4am, 12pm, and 8pm!


  • CASINO (once we get pop up)
  • MOVIE THEATRE (once we get pop up)
    and more

:policeman: Law Enforcement :police_car:

I have law enforcement background so I take agencies very seriously in our community. We do everything by the book but try to keep report writing to a minimum! We need more citizens to make this an awesome experience!


Currently we have two motorcycle gangs. From the hit TV series Sons of Anarchy!

  • Sons of Anarchy
  • Mayans

We are looking for more gangs and of different diversities!

:person_juggling: Skill System

Citizens have skills ranging from strength to driving. Citizens will be responsible in maintaining and brushing up on their skills for those risky situations. If you skip leg day, you will notice the difference!

:muscle: Train at Player-Owned Gyms

Work out at public and player-owned gyms to keep your character fit.

:globe_with_meridians: Social Links:

:question: Have any questions? Our staff is at your service and we are happy to help

  • Want to make this your new permanent home? Apply at the discord for whitelisting. Currently only 5 easy questions.
  • Wait Time for whitelist applications? Typically processed within 3 days.
  • Have more questions?: Stop by the discord and ask! We are happy to answer and help out with any issues.

For The Community, Made By The Community
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Awesome server with great staff team. Very helpful and really help the citizens. If you want to give VeraCity a try you will love it. Plenty of job opportunities and gangs and city positions available with some really amazing RP!!! Really hope to see some of y’all fly in and check it out and RP with us! You will not be disappointed!!!


Nice Advert nice layout, May give it a look at some point in the near future,

I would recomend adding a CFX Connection Link :slight_smile:

  • Happy developing

Added per suggestion. Thank you @Jamie.E.King


If your looking for real life roleplay…look no further! This server is as close to real life as it gets! Anyone and everyone is welcome here! come check us out sometime, and if your new to roleplay, staff and citizens will help you out any way they can!


Pushed two big updates within a week! Constant updates to the server which bring more things to do in the city! We are always about providing more realism and roleplay for our citizens!


Love this server very realistic and also the community they are very helpful if you are having problems trying to get started just ask someone is willing to help i would 100% recommend trying out the server one of the easiest whitelist processes your not waiting months to get a response.


SAFR has been getting some major work done!

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Come be apart of this amazing community you will really enjoy your time here.

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We are looking for seasoned players as well as new players!!! Come join the veracity family! Hiring for all jobs!

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Added A lot of New Features Recently and Optimizing Things SAFR is Running Fire Calls and EMS calls its awesome…Come Join us and Apply for some great stuff!!!

We are hiring for vanilla unicorn! We need dancers, bartenders, dj, and security!!

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still looking for players!! We welcome new and old players! Currently hiring for all business as well as looking for new business owners! Also looking for police/fire and rescue. Staff and players in the city become family and always lend out a helping hand for the non experienced

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join in on the fun it doesnt matter if you are brand new to fivem this is the best place to learn a very great community willing to help and the staff team is amazing

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We are starting to get some traffic in, Come check us out! We are here to help anyway we can! I absolutely love this city and the people in it, everyone is so nice and welcoming

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SAFR Now has 2 Locations 1 in the County and 1 in the City!.. Come Join the Elite SAFR Family and Save People and Fight Fired While Having a Great time!!! We also just Remodeled Dynasty 8 Realty it got a new home and Outlaw Performance Tuner Shop is Open and Hiring!!! BCSO went through some awesome changes as the K9 Division is almost ready to roll!!!

desperately need dancers for the vanilla unicorn! Where’s all my ladies at???

Seeking Firefighters and Medics amazing hands on training if you’ve always dreamed of fighting fires or saving lives join in and apply today!

First K9 implementation | Fly into VeraCity today!


We have a Newer upgraded Vanilla Unicorn! Looking for Managers, Dancers ,bartenders, Djs, and security!!