Voice Chat Question

Hello, I have always used vMenu’s voice chat but I am wondering what voice chat script servers like PGN use that seem to be stereo and range based. For example, when people walk away from you their voice gets gradually quieter. I am not looking for any form of radio, phone, or discord/ts integration ONLY an in-game VC that works like this. Thanks!

mumble-voip or pma-voice.

You can find both of them on the forums, and both of them use the already existing in-game voice chat. They have support for radio or calls, but you don’t have to use that if you don’t want to. Voice chat works out of the box.

PGN specifically IIRC use Tok0voip (replace the “0” with “o”), but it requires a TeamSpeak server to work. I say stay away from it, mumble is almost the same when it comes to user experience and doesn’t need any third-party stuff.
pma-voice is a decent system that is based on mumble, so give that a try first. It also has very neat support for radios and phonecalls just in case you want to use those.