Voice Chat / Player Desync

There is an issue with the game audio and player synchronization in RedM, where if there are many people in one location, some individuals cannot hear each other or see their characters. We need this problem to be resolved, similar to how it has been addressed in FiveM.

What i can tell you about that problem is that is something about OneSync, and i don’t think the cfx.re team are going to search a sollution for this soon, at least this problem already exists for a quite long time.

All we can do is sit and wait unfortunately :c

As I mentioned before, breaking the players-in-scope limit is a way more harder task in RedM than it was in FiveM. There’s way more things that needs to be patched, reworked and resolved. So far my target was to make OneSync as stable as possible with it’s current limitations, as breaking the limit could cause way more issues and make it even more harder to research. And we succeeded at this, the current crash-free% of players is on an acceptable level. So I’m currently working on increasing object id limit, it’s a crucial thing for breaking player limits as getting out of object ids would cause a lot of population and sync issues. However it’s also way harder than it was in GTAV because there’s hardcoded object id mapping system that need a smart workaround.