Community Pulse - October 2023 Edition

Yes, you are right. TOS = TOS and that has nothing to do with fair/personal use. My main point is that using vehicle mods for personal use doesn’t violate any copyright laws. If you use real-life car mods, it will violate TOS, but at least where I live, it doesn’t break any copyright laws as long as it’s for private use. I’m just saying that because some users are spreading false information about copyright law.

All mods are against R* TOS but they “accepted” it for years like a lot of other Gamestudios do. I remember R* posting videos of mods and praising the modding community back in the days. But this whole scene got full of greedy devs, selling ripped models for money and that’s the whole issue. The problem we have is that R* takes action now, even if you just want to have fun with some mods.

Btw im not that guy that just wants to stick with real life car brands, im changing everything to vanilla and i kinda like it. It’s just sad that it had to come to this point.


Please read this primer.

None of this is new. It has been in the TOS for years, though there has been no manpower to enforce.

If I’m wrong, and the constitution permits theft of intellectual property, please provide legal citations for that.
Be sure to detail what constitution you are citing, though, as is not incorporated in the United States.

I haven’t spoke down to anyone ? I asked a question mate.

Hello cfx,seems like Redm have this issue where we can only see 32 people at one place.if someone come and be the 33th player in the area we cant see him.Is there any info regarding this problem? I hope this problem can be fixed.

Thats why they have fair use laws, Rockstar and cfx are coming in with the big lawyers scaring people. Alot of the stuff they are claiming are covered under fair use the problem is so many people are trying to profit off the the assests thats when your no longer protected under fair use laws. Cfx basically screwed themselves be on the lookout for a alternative in less than 12 months most likely will be chinese based.

Hello cfx,seems like Redm have this issue where we can only see 32 people at one place.if someone come and be the 33th player in the area we cant see him.Is there any info regarding this problem? I hope this problem can be fixed.

we dont play regular gta for a reason, nobody wants no vanilla ass stuff its why we have mods u just need to go play regular gta

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Drinking the Kool-Aid is always fun.

What your not understanding is that we are entering a slippery slope Beedan. Personally I don’t mind the loss of cars, because we have much already from pre-cayo perico to now. My aim is more towards the fact of gradual restriction. (( This includes maps and assets, which from previous/future r titles. They most certainly could allow the playerbase to use but due to current ownership refute. ))*

Last month, we are told we can’t mirror/have similar to: Extremism, glorification of hate groups or real-world militia groups. If you don’t know why this is an issue, these are more towards the fact that you eliminate unique storylines for both criminals and law enforcement, when you remove the ability to explore these topics in a roleplay server. My concern rests with the fact of every community pulse being more restrictive to the RP community, except in the circumstance of banning the use of child player models and other highly-elicit acts, it was very cringe going into servers with grown men and women doing those things.

cool !

If you click on the link you’ll see it’s also for RedM

so anything but the big name servers that youtubers run will possibly be shut down because of using irl brands? some youtubers that run servers have already said they wont stop using real brands

if they wont stop using real brands, then they will most likely first get a warning and if they persist, they will get shutdown, theres no workaround

considering most youtubers that run servers have been for years and probably helped get a lot of people into fiveM, i dont see them being shut down. unless gta as a whole ends then always will be cars that look like a irl brand just different name. every car in base gta is based off a real car model, everyone know that. theres no real way to not have real cars just because they arent called the name of the real car

with that logic, a dev could just add a f150 for example and call it anything but that if it has no badge or names on it. like the caracara is made to pretty much be a f150 with a few other truck designs added

So? this doesnt make the exempt from the law

The keyword is “based off”, it is not an exact copy using the exact same branding like in real life.

Youtubers will not be exempt just because they are big, copyright laws are copyright laws and they go for every person in society.

This is incorrect the post makes no mention of RedM in relation to Rockstar’s hiring inquiry. If there has been a change, it was not present when I originally made the post

I’ve got a question about the PLA 4.2(2):

[…] Nothing in this Section 4 permits the use of the Creator Services, Covered Games or the elements thereof in any manner that: […] (2) constitutes use as a brand, logo, or source identifier for goods or services in commerce; […]

My interpretation of “constitutes use as a brand” is that if I were to create a fake company that looks like the real life company equivalent, this would be against the license agreement. For example, a parcel delivery service called “LSG”, the characters being from the three founders’ last names, Lawrence, Scott and Garcia. Here’s a mockup logo:

Sure, it uses similar shades to GLS, but the name is different, so it should be fine. Of course this is a more borderline example, but this is just to see what is deemed acceptable and what is not.

This is what happens when the spirit of modding meets the corporate monolith. What’s next? Will we need to buy a shark card to play on RP servers?

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So by that rule they couldn’t be used in movies, series,… it’s Rockstar that doesn’t know what to do to keep the roleplay monopoly, brands have been used and there has never been any problem and now that Rockstar has bought CFX “it can do whatever you want” always counting on fivem investors

No they can be in movies and series cause those companies have the money to pay for them to be in them as part of a license and agreement, R* from my knowledge has 0 plans to have that in any of the GTA games they bring out cause it provides 0 interest to them and I would be the same if I was a game developer like R* and creating a game