Very simple /car command

Update 17-12-2018

I will no longer be maintaining/supporting this resource. The GitHub repo has been archived. Fork it if you want to update it yourself.

This is just a simple resource which you can use to spawn any car in front of you. I noticed some people having issues using this (old) topic so decided to upload my own version which i made a few weeks ago but never released it.

Feel free to edit this as you see fit. I will NOT be updating this with any feature requests.


/car <vehicle name> (if you don’t specify a vehicle name the adder will be spawned by default)

Download (1.0 KB)


  1. Download the zip file using the link above.
  2. Extract the zip.
  3. Copy the CarCommand folder into your resources/ folder.
  4. Add start CarComand to your server.cfg.
  5. (Re)Start your server, done.

its not working for me…

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Are you using a modified chat resource? If so, it probably won’t work on your server because the chat resource needs to support RegisterCommand(). (most modified chat resources don’t support that)


so should i remove my chat roles and it will work?


Not sure, if your chat roles resources replaces the regular chat resource then yes it might be that. Just try it using the default chat resource, if it still doesn’t work let me know.


i dont think i modified my chat… its a new server


i removed my chat stuff and it still doesnt work,
pls re-check.
thanks for the support bro.


You’re right, the client.lua file got corrupted when I tried to unzip it just now. I’ll upload a new version.
Edit: Uploaded.


so is it working now?

should be, i tested the zip file downloaded from the OP and it seemed to work fine.

ok ty mate <3.
it work pretty well.


+Rep btw hahahah…

is there anyway for u to make it so only the people you give acess to can use it or not

There is, but I won’t be adding that as it’s only meant to be a very simple /car command which you can expand/make it work for your server yourself.

is there a way to just spawn one type of car… so if i type /car just one can spawn, dont want /car (name) so can spawn other cars, all i want is able to just spawn a taxi thats it?

Actually, if you don’t insert any model name after /car, the adder will spawn by default.
You mean you want to use /car command without anything else to spawn always the taxi?

You have to edit the line 11 in the client.lua instead of adder

    11 if veh == nil then veh = "taxi" end

:smiley: thanks for idea but already sorted 15 days ago… lol
now i just do /car and taxi spawns
Thanks anyways

what i really wanted was simple script so walk in area spot and it spawns auto without cmds

Ok got it, well I think that this could be useful for you to create “zones” in your server, I saw it time ago. I can’t help you telling the script to spawn the taxi when you enter a zone but I don’t think it’s so difficult when you know the command.

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i’ll take a look Thanks

is it possible to get this to look through a list of steam id’s (steam:000000000000000) to lock the command to certain people?

i want to add it so certain people on the server have an easy way to spawn a car, without needing to give them access to a server side cheat menu.

i tried my take on it, but now it simply does not work regardless of what i try… i tried copying the whitelist feature from RealisticVehicleFailure, but that one seems to require a server component, not sure how to make it work.