Vehicle modding help needed

Hey there,

I have some experience with blender/texture editing and have worked on car liveries etc in the past. I am currently trying to debadge a vehicle file with emergency lights as extras on the model. After editing the yft files with the help of blender and codewalker, the emergency lights appear always turned on and once actually switched on, appear as a larger version of the actual lights in a large radius around the vehicle.

Anyone know how I may go about fixing this issue?

If only “debadging” was a real concept that made sense. Alas, it doesn’t so it’s not even worth the effort to fix the sirens.

I’m confused by what you mean, idk if there is a better term for it but I am removing copyrighted badges etc from the vehicle. Most of it I can do easily through editing the ytd, but some I need to remove through yft

FYI, “debadging” is not enough to be in compliance with TOS/PLA, and using this model will get you in trouble. See:

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Thanks for your response, but I am also aware of this. Our city requires the vehicle to be atleast 30% different from the original vehicle model through bodykits. This vehicle was accepted as it has a custom offroad-kit created by the modder

Doesn’t matter, it’s Cfx rules, not your rules - you can still use it, just be ready to get hit with a warning and a deadline to correct at some point in the future. You’ve been warned :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the concern!

If it helps with furthering the original goal of the thread, I am not an owner or server management for the city in question. They have been audited regularly for TOS and have claimed all checks so far. The vehicle in question has been in the city since early february and is currently “debadged”. I am using it as a tool to learn yft editing and other vehicle modding tools as I have access to the original file, not to have it re-added. I have not been able to find a method to fix this issue I didn’t encounter earlier on in my practice with the vehicle, so I am asking for assistance with how to solve the issue for myself, not for the vehicle to be added into a city

That car 100% does not pass copyright. I’m glad you think taking badges off of a car does anything but it does not. There is also no “30% rule” when it comes to copyright law.

I suggest you learn on something that doesn’t violate ToS and the law.

You also have access to every gta car which is already unlocked and properly made with LODs and everything. You would do best to start there if you want to learn how to modify car models. Even cars with sirens!